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Modernizr Latest Version Details
Version 3.5.0
Date March 14, 2017
Price FREE
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Tailor The Perfect User Experience With Modernizr

Designing and developing a unique web experience is harder than ever due to the ever increasing number of device and screen configurations. Each ‘version’ of the website should be carefully designed to meet the customers’ expectations and make for a productive user experience. Thus testing and adjusting the website is a crucial job of a web developer.

Feature selection is done automatically
Earlier, if a new feature was to be added, the web developers tested each browser. They determined based on their tested results if that browser supported the new feature and ran the code. This was a problem if a new version of the same browser could not support the new feature. Hence, to compensate for that, the developers had to dig the code and change it again. Modernizr makes this part automatic as it checks if the code can be run. The code is, therefore, run only if it can.

Download the features you wish to use
• In early stages of development, Modernizr was provided as one big .js file
• The downloads page has a feature selection module which compiles them into a smallest possible file
• This script allows experimentation with HTML 5 and CSS 3 features
• Also, the new Modernizr builds can be customized with configuration options


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