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Vesta Web File Manager plugin

Vesta offers two paid plugins: SFTP Chroot and Web File Manager. We recommend buying them as they are cheap and they will help you. Here we will discuss about the Web File Manager plugin.

Also check our KB article Vesta SFTP Chroot plugin

Check more details and buy the plugin at The cost of the plugin is $3/month or $50/lifetime.

What you can do with Vesta File Manager plugin?

Browse, copy, edit, view, and retrieve all of your web domain files using fully featured File Manager.

To install Vesta File Manager:

1. Log into Vesta installation

2. Look for Server entry in the top menu.

vesta file manager1

3. Click the CONFIGURE button

vesta file manager2

4. Scroll down and choose the Vesta Control Panel Plugins link

vesta file manager3

5. Look for File Manager entry. Choose yes from the drop down menu. Enter the License Key.

You can find the License Key in the email you will receive from Vesta after ordering the plugin.

vesta file manager4

6. Click the Save button. You will see a message saying License Activated. Also, you will see a new entry in the top menu – File Manager.

vesta file manager5

7. The File Manager interface looks like:

vesta file manager6


Check the KB movie – Using Vesta File Manager plugin:

Vesta SFTP Chroot plugin

Vesta Control Panel is offered for free, however they are offering two paid plugins that we recommend to buy. They are SFTP Chroot and Web File Manager. We will discuss here the first one.

Also check the other KB article Vesta Web File Manager plugin

Check more details and buy the plugin at  It’s $1/month or $18/lifetime.

What does the SFTP plugin?

Restrict users so that they cannot use SSH and access only their home directory.

To install SFTP Chroot plugin:

1. Log into Vesta installation

2. From top menu choose Server item

vesta sftp chroot1

3. Click the Configure button

vesta sftp chroot2

4. Scroll down and click the Vesta Control Panel Plugins link

vesta sftp chroot3

5. Look for SFTP Chroot entry, click the yes option from the drop-down menu and enter the License Key.

You can find the License Key in the email you will receive from Vesta after ordering the plugin.

vesta sftp chroot4

6. Apply the settings by hitting the Save button at the bottom of the page.

7. You will see a message: License Activated. The plugin is now installed and users are protected.

vesta sftp chroot5


How to check server and accounts’ stats in Vesta

In Vesta you can easily see the server stats like load, ram usage etc, but you can also check the bandwidth, disk space usage etc for your clients. We will address both things in this article.

To see the account(s) summary:

1. Log into Vesta

vesta login

2. Go to Statistics from the top menu

vesta statistics1

3. You will see stats for your account. If you have multiple domains in your account, select the domain the show per user drop-down list.

vesta statistics2


To see the server stats (load, memory etc.):

1. Log into Vesta CP

vesta login

2. Go to Graphs from the top menu

vesta graphs1

3. You will see graphs for Load Average, Memory Usage, Bandwidth Usage, HTTPD Usage, NGINX Usage, Exim Usage, MySQL Usage, FTP Usage, SSH Usage. Notice that you can choose the time interval you want to check – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
In the image below you can see for example the server Load Average values for the current day.

vesta graphs2


The movie tutorial for this post:

How to change the cPanel port – No longer possible!

Some users asked us if it’s possible to change the default 2082/2083 cPanel port on their servers. If you are searching the internet you will see many web pages/articles that recommend you to:

  1. Log into your server via SSH as root
  2. Edit the file /var/cpanel/cpanel.config in your preferred text editor.
  3. Search the line
    and replace 2082 with the desired port.
  4. Restart the cPanel service with service cpanel restart

Notice that this method doesn’t work anymore. As of writing this article – June 2017 – there is no way to change the default cPanel (and WHM) ports!

Trying to manually add the line port=xxxx line in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config will result in warnings in cPanel log file /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log:

[2017-06-26 15:56:20 -0400] warn [restartsrv_cpsrvd] One or more key settings for "" were either not found in cPanel & WHM’s server configuration file (/var/cpanel/cpanel.config), or were present but did not pass validation.
[2017-06-26 15:56:20 -0400] warn [restartsrv_cpsrvd] The following settings are obsolete and have been removed from the server configuration file:
[2017-06-26 15:56:20 -0400] warn [restartsrv_cpsrvd]     port
[2017-06-26 15:56:20 -0400] warn [restartsrv_cpsrvd] Read the cpanel.config file documentation ( for important information about this file.
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