How to fix 500 HTTP error after component installation in OSSN

If the component you are tying to install is not 100% compatible with the current version of OSSN (Open Source Social Network, you will get in many cases a 500 HTTP error.

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

Notice that this will error affect both the user interface and the admin area, making the site inaccesibile.

How to fix OSSN component installation 500 error:

1. Connect to your control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin etc) and navigate to the File Manager. You can also connect to your account via an FTP client.

2. Navigate to the /components/COMPONENT folder of your installation. Where COMPONENT is the name of the last component you tried to install.

Example: /components/MessageTyping/

3. Here, remove all files, except for the ossn_com.xml file.

ossn component error
OSSN component example

4. Now the site (front-end and back-end) is again accessible. Log in as admin and navigate to Components >> Components

5. Locate the component you tried to install and click the Disable button

6. Locate the component you tried to install and click the Delete button

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