How to access phpMyAdmin from cPanel

Do you want to manually edit something in your MySQL tables? (for example to edit something in the WordPress configuration) Then, cPanel can help you via phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is a free tool that allows you to manage your MySQL databases.

For phpMyAdmin documentation, please visit the website.

How to access phpMyAdmin from cPanel:

  1. Enter your cPanel area (go to and enter the username and password)
  2. From the DATABASES section select phpMyAdmin
  3. A new web page will be opened and you will be redirected to phpMyAdmin start page.
  4. On the left side, you can see the databases/tables. Select the table you want to modify. On the right side, you will see many options for that table.
  5. When done editing just close the browser window and log out of cPanel.
cpanel phpmyadmin
cPanel phpMyAdmin

And here is the video tutorial:

How to access phpMyAdmin in cPanel

The steps presented in this tutorial will work on both MySQL and MariaDB servers. We use and recommend the MariaDB server. Check our web hosting offers! Thank you.

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