How to edit the New Account Information message

DirectAdmin allows resellers to send a message to new users with their account information (aka Welcome Email / New Account Information Email). The message will contain the information needed for the use of a DA web hosting account. You can also send suspension messages from DA.

directadmin user message
DA New Account Information message

How to edit the new account message in DA:

1. Connect to your DA admin/reseller account

2. Navigate to Account Manager >> Edit User Message

3. Edit the subject and the body of the message and click the SAVE button.

Your account for |domain| is now ready for use.
Dear Customer,

	Thank you for choosing our service to meet your web hosting needs.

Your account has been created with the following details:

Username:	|username|
Password:	|password|
Domain:		|domain|

To log in immediately, follow this link, using your username and password:


Once your domain resolves, you will be able to follow this link:


Bandwidth:	|bandwidth| Megabytes
Disk Space:	|quota| Megabytes

Virtual Domains:	|vdomains|
Subdomains:	|nsubdomains|

POP Email Accounts:	|nemails|
Email Forwarders:	|nemailf|
Email Autoresponders:	|nemailr|
Email Mailing Lists:	|nemailml|
POP Server:	mail.|domain|
SMTP Server:	mail.|domain|
Login:	|username|
Password:	|password|

FTP accounts:	|ftp|
Anonymous FTP:	|aftp|
FTP Server:	ftp.|domain|
Login:	|username|
Password:	|password|

IP:	|ip|
Use |ip||*if OWNED!="yes"|/~|username||*endif| to access it until the domain resolves.

You must use these dns servers for your domain. They can be changed through your domain registrar.

NS1:	|ns1|
NS1 IP:	|ns1ip|
NS2:	|ns2|
NS2 IP:	|ns2ip|

MySQL Databases:	|mysql|
Domain Pointers:	|domainptr|
SSH Access:	|ssh|
Secure Socket Layer:	|ssl|
CGI:	|cgi|
PHP:	|php|
DNS control:	|dnscontrol|

Once again, thank you for choosing our hosting service
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

How to edit the account suspension message in DA:

1. Log into DA admin or reseller account

2. Navigate to Account Manager >> Suspension Message

3. Edit the subject and the body of the message and click the SAVE button.

Your account '|USERNAME|' has been suspended. Reason: '|REASON|'

This message is to notify you that your account '|USERNAME|' has been suspended.
Reason: |REASON|

If you feel this has been done in error, please contact your hosting provider for more information


A. If you are a server admin and you want to create a custom message for new accounts creation that will be used by you and all the resellers, put the message in this file:


B. If you are an admin and you want to modify the new account message for a specific reseller, you can edit the file (USERNAME is the reseller’s account):


Once defined, the suspension message is stored in:


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