How to assign a dedicated IP to a user in DirectAdmin

It’s very easy to assign a dedicated IP to a reseller or to a user. First of all, make sure you have a free dedicated IP assigned to your server/VPS. Discuss this with your host. They will assist you in this matter.

How to assign a dedicate IP in DirectAdmin:

1. Log into your DirectAdmin as admin

2. Navigate to Server Manager >> IP management

3. Select the IP with the free status and click the Assign button.

4. Select the reseller from the list and assign the IP to it.

5. Now as an admin or another reseller, search for the user. On their View user page, go to the Modify tab.

6. Look for Set IP To field, select the free IP from the list and click the Save button. The user is using now on the dedicated IP.

directadmin dedicated ip
Assign dedicated IP to a user

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