Basic WHM Setup

The first thing you will want to do after installing cPanel/WHM is to go to the Basic WebHost Manager Setup menu. Here you can configure basic things like:

  • contact options: contact email address, ICQ contact number, HipChat Room users to notify, Pushbullet API
  • the server IP address options: IPv4/IPv6 addresses (only one address for each) to use to set up shared IPv4/IPv6 virtual hosts, location where new user home directories will be created, default cPanel interface package, if you want to automatically create a cgi-bin script alias for users, style for the Apache logs (combined or common)
  • default nameservers you want to use and their IP addresses (from the interface you can configure up to 4 nameservers)
whm basic setup

To access the Basic WebHost Manager Setup menu, follow the steps:

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Go to Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup
  3. Here modify the options you want and in the end, click the Save Changes button.

The movie tutorial for this KB post:

Basic WHM set up

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