How to add/delete reseller packages in DirectAdmin

This KB article is for DirectAdmin for admins.
Before creating reseller account sin DirectAdmin you must create reseller package(s).

How to create a reseller package in DirectAdmin:

  1. Log into DirectAdmin panel.
    directadmin admin login
  2. Navigate to Manage Reseller Packages (Server Management section)
    directadmin reseller packages1
  3. Click the Add Package link
    directadmin reseller packages2
  4. Enter the values for Disk Space, Bandwidth, Inodes, Domains etc. Choose a Package Name and hit the Save button.
    directadmin reseller packages3
  5. You will see the new package in the list of server packages.
    directadmin reseller packages4


To delete a reseller package, click the checkbox on the Select column and then click the Delete Selected button.

The video tutorial for this post:

Show All Users page in DirectAdmin

This KB article is for DirectAdmin for admins.

The Show All Users option is available in DirectAdmin when logged in as admin. With this option you can control your users – suspend/unsuspend/send messages etc.

For example, to suspend an user in DirectAdmin:

  1. Login as admin to DirectAdmin at
  2. Go to Show All Users (Server Management section)
    DirectAdmin Show All Users
  3. Check the checkbox on the Select column for the target user.
  4. Choose a reason from the drop-down list. You can select from: Abuse, Billing Issue, Inactive, Other, Reseller Bandwidth, Reseller Quota, Spam, User Bandwidth, User Quota
  5. Click the Suspend button. You will see a confirmation message: All selected Users have been suspended
  6. Click the Back link from the bottom of the page to return to the Show All Users page.


Notice that you can’t create new users in Show All Users page.

The video tutorial is here:

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