How to change the DirectAdmin admin password

A. If you didn’t change the initial DA password

If you forgot the password from the DirectAdmin installation and you didn’t change it, you can recover it from this file:


The file contains a small report of the DA installation. The part you are looking for is:

The following information has been set:

Admin username:   admin
Admin password:   Phety67zS5491
Admin email:

From the command line, you can get this info with:

cat /var/log/directadmin/install.log | grep Admin

B. If you changed the initial DA password

You can change the password from the DA interface or from command line.

In case you forgot the password, connect as root to the server and run:

passwd admin

This will allow you to reset the admin password. Example:

[root@web22 ~]# passwd admin

changing password for user admin.
New password:
Retype new password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
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