Change root password in WHM

For security reasons is a very good idea to change your password often. You can change the root password via shell, but also via the WHM interface.

whm chnage root password

To change the root password in WHM:

  1. Log into WHM using your root credentials
  2. Navigate to Server Configuration >> Change Root Password
  3. Enter or Generate a strong password. (you can generate a max 18 char long password)
  4. Click the Change Password button. You will see a confirmation message: The system successfully updated the root password. The following service passwords changed: system
Notice that only the user root can change the root password. A reseller with “all privileges” can’t change the root password. The user will get an error message API failure: (XID aexhaf) You do not have a user named “root”.
Tip: Use the passwd command to change the password from command line.

The video tutorial for this article:

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