How to check server and accounts’ stats in Vesta

In Vesta you can easily see the server stats like load, ram usage etc, but you can also check the bandwidth, disk space usage etc for your clients. We will address both things in this article.

To see the account(s) summary:

1. Log into Vesta

vesta login

2. Go to Statistics from the top menu

vesta statistics1

3. You will see stats for your account. If you have multiple domains in your account, select the domain the show per user drop-down list.

vesta statistics2

To see the server stats (load, memory etc.):

1. Log into Vesta CP

vesta login

2. Go to Graphs from the top menu

vesta graphs1

3. You will see graphs for Load Average, Memory Usage, Bandwidth Usage, HTTPD Usage, NGINX Usage, Exim Usage, MySQL Usage, FTP Usage, SSH Usage. Notice that you can choose the time interval you want to check – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
In the image below you can see for example the server Load Average values for the current day.

vesta graphs2

The movie tutorial for this post:

Server stats in Vesta

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