Configure, create and restore backups in Vesta

Vesta can generate backups for your domains. It’s always a good idea to have backups for your domains. You should keep them onsite but also offsite.

How to work with backups in Vesta CP:

1. Navigate to your Vesta Control Panel

2. From the top menu click on Backup

vesta backups1

3. To create a new backup, use the CREATE BACKUP button. You will receive an email when the process is done. Also, you will see the new backup in the list. A message will appear Task has been added to the queue. You will receive an email notification when your backup is ready for download.

vesta backups2

4. Other operations that you can do with backups.

– you can download archives via the DOWNLOAD button
– you can restore a full backup or parts of the backup by the CONFIGURE RESTORE SETTINGS button.
– you can delete a backup with the DELETE button

vesta backups3

The movie tutorial for this KB post:

Backups in Vesta

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  1. samirkaila

    Hi there,
    i am using vestacp on my local development environment. i am trying to do same explained process but unfortunately there is not file getting created even after 10 hours !!

    may i know if you can help me out. ?

    1. PlotHost

      Hello, It’s hard to help without access to the server. Anyway, check these files for messages:

      1. samirkaila

        do you think you can help if we can do by sharing skype screen ?

  2. PikaChewMe

    I clicked here thinking you were gonna show me how to restore from vesta backup. Waste of time.

    1. PlotHost

      Check the movie from 03:58 to 04:28 . Click the Configure Restore Settings button and then choose what you want to restore. Click the Restore button. Thank you.

      1. PikaChewMe

        I was implying from a FILE, not the backup displayed in cpanel.

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