How to create an autoresponder in DirectAdmin

An autoresponder message is an email message that will be sent automatically to all senders. You can easily set such a message in DirectAdmin. Autoresponders are set per email accounts.

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin shared hosting users.

To create an autoresponder message:

1. Log to your DirectAdmin panel

2. Look for Email Manager >> Autoresponders

3. You will see the list of the current autoresponders. To create a new one, click the CREATE AUTORESPONDER button.

directadmin autoresponder
DirectAdmin – Create Autoresponder

4. Enter the Responder Address, Subject Prefix, Content-Type, Reply Frequency, the Responder Message and choose if you want to Send a CC to a specific email address. Click the SAVE button. The new autoresponder will be created and you will see it on the list.

A confirmation message will be displayed: Autoresponder created.

The video tutorial for this post:

Autoresponders in DirectAdmin

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