How to create a catch-all email account in DirectAdmin

You will see here a “how-to” configure a catch-all email in your DirectAdmin panel. This will tell the server how to deal with emails coming to non-existent users.

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin shared hosting users.

Steps to create a catch-all email in DirectAdmin:

1. Connect to your DirectAdmin installation

2. Look for Catch-All E-Mail link and click on it.

You have three options here:
Fail: the sender will be notified the recipient doesn’t exist
Ignore: the email is dropped, no message is sent back
Address: the email will be forwarded to an email address of your choice.
The Fail: option is the recommended one.

DirectAdmin info on the two options:

Fail: This is the recommended option for the catch-all setting. Catch-all’s will increase the server load due to spam, so having them disable is highly recommended unless you absolutely need the feature on.

Ignore: Avoid using the Ignore option unless you know what you are doing. Spammers will be sending you e-mails to random addresses, and this option will accept those e-mails. You will not know it because the accepted e-mails would be discarded. This greatly increases the server load unnecessarily. If you do not want the catch-all to be on, then use the Fail option instead.

directadmin catchall
DirectAdmin Catch-all Email Address

3. Click the Update button.

The video tutorial for this post:

Catch-all email in DirectAdmin

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