How to create custom error pages – DirectAdmin

This KB article is for DirectAdmin for shared hosting (end-users).


Error pages are HTML pages that are displayed to your site visitors on special occasions. For example if the visitor tries to access a page that doesn’t exist, the server can load a custom made 404 error page.

DirectAdmin Custom Error Pages
DirectAdmin Custom Error Pages Window

To set up a custom error page in DirectAdmin:

  1. Log into your DirectAdmin panel
  2. Locate and click the Custom Error Pages link 
  3. Here you can edit four error types:
    – 401 Unauthorized
    – 403 Forbidden
    – 404 Not Found
    – 500 Internal Server Error
  4. Let’s say you want to edit the 404 file. Click 404.shtml link.
  5. A simple HTML editor will open. Make the desired changes. At the end save the page by clicking the Save As button. Do not change the file name.
  6. Test it by accessing a file that doesn’t exist on your server, like
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