How to create a new end-user account in DirectAdmin

We will show you here how to create new accounts for your end-users in DirectAdmin control panel.

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin reseller users.

How to create a new account in DirectAdmin:

1. Connect to your DirectAdmin account as a reseller

2. Navigate to Account Manager >> List Users

3. Click the CREATE USER button.

4. On the new window, enter the new account details: username, email, password, the domain that will be hosted on this account, user package to use, IP. Click the SUBMIT button.

directadmin newuser
DirectAdmin Create new user Interface

You will see a confirmation message that the account has been created:

Unix User created successfully

User's System Quotas set
User's data directory created successfully
Domains directory created successfully
Domains directory created successfully in user's home

Domain Created Successfully

Also, you will see the account in the users’ list.

Video tutorial for this article:

Create users in DirectAdmin

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