CWP MySQL Manager

This KB article is for CentOS Web Panel for shared hosting (end-users).

cwp mysql manager

Nowadays, all sites are working with a database (MySQL, MariaDB etc), so it’s very important to have easy access to create database and database users. You can easily work with these things via the MySQL Manager.

To create a new database and a new user:

  1. Log into CWP – yourdomain:2083
  2. Go to SQL Services->Mysql Manager
  3. To create only a database click the Create only Database button. This will create only the database. You can later add a user via the Add User button.
    To create a database and a user with the same name, click the Create Database and User button. Enter the database name and password for the user and click the Create Database button.
  4. To access phpMyAdmin(to create tables etc.) go to SQL Services->phpMyAdmin

The video tutorial for this KB article:

CWP MySQL Manager

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