Use different cPanel accounts for main domain and subdomains

A lot of clients ask us if they can host a subdomain on a separate cPanel domain.
The answer is YES, you can have a separate cPanel account for your subdomain.

Normally, you can create your subdomains in cPanel->Subdomains->Create a Subdomain. See our article on  How to create/delete subdomains in cPanel.

But, as we said, you can have a separate cPanel account. Just follow the normal steps for creating a new cPanel account in WHM, and instead of the the main domain, enter the subdomain. See the image:

whm create subdomain


Be sure the subdomain doesn’t exist on the server. Otherwise, you will not be able to create it in WHM.

Notice that you can also host your subdomain on another host. To do so:
1. Create the account for the subdomain on the other host.
2. Edit the DNS settings for the main domain and add a record like:
subdomain dns ip