DirectAdmin Brute Force Monitor

Brute Force Monitor is the DirecAdmin firewall. You can see failed logins and the IPs etc.

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin admin users.

To access DirectAdmin Brute Force Monitor:

1. Log in DirectAdmin as an admin user

2. Navigate to Admin Tools >> Brute Force Monitor or search for “brute force monitor” in the search bar.

3. In the new window, you will see the Brute Force Monitor interface. You can see four tabs :

directadmin bruteforcemonitor
DirectAdmin Brute Force Monitor Interface

Failed Logins – Select IP address or User to filter results

Failed Logins: IP list – Select IP to filter results

Failed logins: Usernames List – Select username to filter results

Skip List – Skipped IPs / Users

Block List – View / Delete Blocked IPs

On these tabs you can filter, sort, add to skip list IP and usernames.

The video tutorial for this post:

DirectAdmin Brute Force Monitor

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