Add an email account in Windows Mail

Windows Mail/Mail is the default email client that comes with Windows 7/8/10. Here we will show you how to add an email account to it.

Windows Mail

How to add an email account to Mail :

windows mail 2

1. Start the Mail program.
2. Click the Accounts button from the left menu, then click the +Add account button

windows mail 3

3. In the next window, chose the account type you want to add – in our case we will select Other account (POP3, IMAP)

windows mail 4

4. The Add an account window will open. Here, enter your email address, your name(as you want your receivers to see) and the password. Click Sign in button. You will get a message: All done! Your account was set up successfully! Click the Done button to close the window.

windows mail 5

5. Now, everything is set up. You can use the Mail software to send and receive email messages.

If you prefer, check the video tutorial here:

Windows Mail

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