How to enable mod_evasive in EasyApache

mod_evasive is a module developed by Jonathan Zdziarski for the Apache Web Server. Its role is to protect the server against HTTP DoS / DDoS attacks or brute force attacks.

easyapache mod evasive
EasyApache mod_evasive

How to add mod_evasive in EasyApache (cPanel):

1. Log into your WHM root account

2. Navigate to Software -> EasyApache

3. In the Currently Installed Packages section click the Customize button

4. In the Apache Modules tab search for mod_evasive and enable it.

5. Click the Review tab and then the Provision button to apply the changes. EasyApache will install mod_evasive for you. Watch the log area for any messages.

Whitelist IPs in mod_evasive
mod_evasive homepage

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