Not all files showing in FTP client

Do you have a lot of files (thousands or millions) in a directory and your FTP client does not show all of them? Find out that the issue has nothing to do with your FTP client.
The FTP server is the one that decides how many files to show.

For example, for pure-ftp (a very popular FTP server for cPanel servers) the limit is 10000. You can modify this value anytime according to your needs by editing the file /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and setting the maximum number of files to be displayed:

# 'ls' recursion limits. The first argument is the maximum number of
# files to be displayed. The second one is the max subdirectories depth

LimitRecursion 10000 8

Don’t forget to restart the FTP server (in our case for pure-ftp server):

root@web [~]# service pure-ftpd restart

If you want to see more files in the FTP client and you don’t have root access, you should contact your host.

Notice that for large number of files, the FTP client will take some time to list all of them.

The number of files you will effectively see is the number in the ftp server configuration-2. In Unix systems, all directories contain two special entries. (directory itself) and .. (for parent directory).

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