How to access/log in to cPanel

The information in this article applies only to the cPanel web hosting control panel.

After ordering a web hosting plan you will receive an welcome email from your host with details on how to log in to your cPanel account. We will summarize bellow a few ways on how you can access the cPanel interface. Mainly, you can use three types of URLs.

1. Using the IP of the web hosting server:

https://your-site-IP/cpanel (secure connection)
https://your-site-IP:2083 (secure connection)

2. Using your domain name: (secure connection) (secure connection)

3. Using the server’s hostname: (secure connection) (secure connection)

The server-hostname is usually something like
As you can see, you can access cPanel interface with a secure connection. You just need to use “https” (and port 2083 if you want to connect directly to the port).
On the cPanel login screen enter your username and password and click the “Log in” button.

cpanel login screen
cPanel login screen

Please notice that not all of the above URLs may be available on your server. Also, you may be automatically redirected to secure connections.

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