How to show line numbers in vi/vim?

For displaying line numbers in vi/vim we will need to set the number flag.

Necessary steps to display the line numbers in vi/vim:

1. Edit your file with vi <filename>

2. Press the : (colon sign). The sign will appear the bottom-left of your screen

3. Enter the command for setting the number flag

set number

4. Now you will see the line numbers for your file.

vim linenumbers
Line numbers in vi/vim

To hide line numbers, press : (colon) and enter:

set nonumber

Notice that the vi/vim will not save your option to display the line numbers.

To automatically display line numbers:

1. Navigate to your home directory.

2. Create a file named .exrc

3. Edit the file and add the line:

set number

From now on, the vi/vim editor will display line numbers by default.

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