How to increase the DirectAdmin File Manager Max Request / Upload Size

The default upload size value for the DirectAdmin File Manager is 10MB, which is a very small value. You will get an error message when trying to upload a larger file:

1 files did not pass file size limit (10 MB)
File is too big

Fortunately, we can increase easily this value.

How to modify the DirectAdmin File Manager Upload Size value:

1. Access your DA installation as an admin user.

2. Navigate to Server Manager >> Administrator Settings

3. On the Server Settings tab, look for the Max Request / Upload Size option.

4. Modify the value per your needs. The value can be set in B/KB/MB/GB/TB. Click the SAVE button when done. The new setting will be applied shortly.

directadmin filemanager uploadsize
Update DA Max Request / Upload Size option

The direct link to the page where you can modify this option is https://HOSTNAME:2222/admin/settings/server

The YouTube clip is here:

Change the DA File Manager Upload Limit

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