How to install DokuWiki plugins

DokuWiki has a wide range of plugins available. You can see the list of all the plugins here

A. How to install a DokuWiki plugin from the admin panel

1. Log into your DokuWiki installation as an admin.

2. Go to Admin >> Extension Manager >> Search and Install tab

3. Search for desired plugin, click the Install button. The plugin will install immediately. You will see its settings in the Administration >> Configuration Settings or in Administration >> Additional Plugins >> PLUGIN-NAME

dokuwiki plugin install
DokuWiki plugin install

The video tutorial in how to install a DokuWiki plugin:

How to install DokuWiki plugins

B. How to manually install a plugin for DokuWiki

1. Search and download the plugin from the DokuWiki website @

2. Unpack the plugin’s archive on your computer.

3. Open the file and identify the line starting with base. Notice the value on the right. One example:

base    googleanalytics
author  Terence J. Grant
date    2020-11-03
name    Google Analytics Plugin 1.1.0
desc    Plugin to embed your Google Analytics code for your site, which allows you to track your visitors.

In our example the base value is googleanalytics . This will be the name of the folder inside the /plugins/ directory where you must put the plugin’s files.

4. Connect to your installation via FTP or a File Manager and upload the contents of the archive to the path


In our example:


5. The plugin is now installed and can be accessed from the administration area.

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