How to install PEAR packages in DirectAdmin

PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is mainly a PHP framework consisting of various packages. As of April 2022, there are 603 packages available. You can consult them on the official site, here

To list all the installed packages in the default channel, use the command:

pear list
[root@web ~]# pear list
Installed packages, channel
Package            Version State
Archive_Tar        1.4.14  stable
Console_Getopt     1.4.3   stable
HTML_BBCodeParser2 0.1.0   beta
PEAR               1.10.13 stable
Structures_Graph   1.1.1   stable
XML_Util           1.4.5   stable
[root@web ~]#

To list all the packages in all the channels, use:

pear list -all
[root@web ~]# pear list -all
Installed packages, channel __uri:
(no packages installed)

Installed packages, channel
(no packages installed)

Installed packages, channel
Package            Version State
Archive_Tar        1.4.14  stable
Console_Getopt     1.4.3   stable
HTML_BBCodeParser2 0.1.0   beta
PEAR               1.10.13 stable
Structures_Graph   1.1.1   stable
XML_Util           1.4.5   stable

Installed packages, channel
(no packages installed)

[root@web ~]#

To install a package, use:

pear install PACKAGE-VERSION

Example of installation of the calendar package:

[root@web ~]# pear install calendar-0.5.5
WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "pear channel-update" to update
Did not download optional dependencies: pear/Date, use --alldeps to download automatically
pear/Calendar can optionally use package "pear/Date"
downloading Calendar-0.5.5.tgz ...
Starting to download Calendar-0.5.5.tgz (59,145 bytes)
..............done: 59,145 bytes
install ok: channel://
[root@web ~]#

To uninstall a package, use:

pear uninstall PACKAGE-VERSION

Available PEAR packages:

[root@web ~]# pear remote-list
WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "pear channel-update" to update
Channel Available packages:
Package                                   Version
Auth_HTTP                                 2.1.8
Auth                                      1.6.4
Auth_SASL                                 1.1.0
LiveUser                                  -n/a-
Auth_PrefManager                          1.2.2
Auth_RADIUS                               1.1.0
Auth_PrefManager2                         -n/a-
LiveUser_Admin                            -n/a-
Auth_SASL2                                -n/a-
OpenID                                    -n/a-
Benchmark                                 1.2.9
test                                      -n/a-
Cache                                     1.5.6
Cache_Lite                                1.8.3
Config                                    1.10.12
Config_Lite                               -n/a-
Console_Getopt                            1.4.3
Console_Table                             1.3.1
Console_Color                             1.0.3
Console_ProgressBar                       -n/a-
Console_Getargs                           1.4.0
Console_CommandLine                       1.2.2
Console_GetoptPlus                        -n/a-
Console_Color2                            -n/a-
DB_Pager                                  0.7
DB                                        1.11.0
MDB                                       1.3.0
DB_ado                                    1.3.1
DB_DataObject                             1.11.5
DBA                                       1.1.1
DBA_Relational                            -n/a-
DB_ldap                                   1.2.1
SQL_Parser                                -n/a-
DB_QueryTool                              1.1.2
MDB_QueryTool                             1.2.3
DB_ldap2                                  -n/a-
Gtk_MDB_Designer                          -n/a-
DB_NestedSet                              1.4.1
DB_DataObject_FormBuilder                 1.0.2
MDB2                                      2.4.1
DB_Table                                  1.5.6
DB_Sqlite_Tools                           -n/a-
DB_odbtp                                  1.0.4
MDB2_Driver_sqlsrv                        -n/a-
MDB2_Schema                               -n/a-
MDB2_Driver_mssql                         1.2.1
MDB2_Driver_sqlite                        1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_querysim                      -n/a-
MDB2_Driver_pgsql                         1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_oci8                          1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_mysqli                        1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_mysql                         1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_ibase                         1.4.1
MDB2_Driver_fbsql                         -n/a-
DB_NestedSet2                             -n/a-
MDB2_TableBrowser                         -n/a-
MDB2_Driver_odbc                          -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Italy                       -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Japan                       -n/a-
Date                                      1.4.7
Date_Holidays_France                      -n/a-
Calendar                                  -n/a-
Date_Holidays                             -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Turkey                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Ireland                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Iceland                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Germany                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_EnglandWales                -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Discordian                  -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Denmark                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Brazil                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Austria                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Netherlands                 -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Norway                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet                   -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Romania                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Slovenia                    -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Sweden                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Ukraine                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_UNO                         -n/a-
Date_Holidays_USA                         -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Croatia                     -n/a-
Date_HumanDiff                            -n/a-
Date_Holidays_SanMarino                   -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Portugal                    -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Spain                       -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Australia                   -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Venezuela                   -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Finland                     -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Czech                       -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Russia                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Serbia                      -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Chile                       -n/a-
Date_Holidays_Peru                        -n/a-
Crypt_CBC                                 1.0.1
Crypt_RC4                                 1.0.3
Crypt_Xtea                                1.1.0
Message                                   -n/a-
Crypt_CHAP                                1.5.0
Crypt_HMAC                                1.0.1
Crypt_Blowfish                            1.0.1
Crypt_RSA                                 1.0.0
Crypt_XXTEA                               -n/a-
Crypt_GPG                                 1.6.7
Crypt_DiffieHellman                       -n/a-
Crypt_HMAC2                               1.0.0
Crypt_MicroID                             -n/a-
Crypt_RC42                                -n/a-
Event_Dispatcher                          1.1.0
Event_SignalEmitter                       -n/a-
Archive_Tar                               1.4.14
File_Passwd                               1.1.7
File_HtAccess                             1.2.1
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer                  -n/a-
File_SMBPasswd                            1.0.3
Contact_Vcard_Parse                       1.32.0
Contact_Vcard_Build                       1.1.2
File_DICOM                                -n/a-
MP3_Id                                    1.2.2
File_Ogg                                  -n/a-
Archive_Zip                               -n/a-
File_IMC                                  -n/a-
Genealogy_Gedcom                          1.0.1
File_Gettext                              -n/a-
MP3_Playlist                              -n/a-
File_Fstab                                2.0.3
File_Bittorrent                           1.1.0
File_PDF                                  -n/a-
File_DNS                                  -n/a-
Contact_AddressBook                       -n/a-
File_Archive                              1.5.5
File_Fortune                              1.0.0
MP3_IDv2                                  -n/a-
File_XSPF                                 -n/a-
File_MARC                                 1.4.1
OpenDocument                              -n/a-
File_CSV                                  1.0.0
File_Bittorrent2                          1.3.1
File_DeliciousLibrary                     -n/a-
File_Infopath                             -n/a-
File_Cabinet                              -n/a-
File_Sitemap                              -n/a-
File_CSV_DataSource                       1.0.1
File_Therion                              -n/a-
File_Find                                 1.3.3
File                                      1.4.1
File_Mogile                               -n/a-
File_SearchReplace                        1.1.4
VFS                                       -n/a-
File_Util                                 1.0.0
Gtk_VarDump                               1.0.1
Gtk_ScrollingLabel                        1.0.0
Gtk_FileDrop                              1.0.3
Gtk_Styled                                1.0.0
Gtk2_VarDump                              1.0.0
Gtk2_ScrollingLabel                       -n/a-
Gtk2_FileDrop                             1.0.0
Gtk2_PHPConfig                            -n/a-
Gtk2_IndexedComboBox                      1.1.0
Gtk2_EntryDialog                          1.0.0
Gtk2_ExceptionDump                        1.1.1
Pager                                     2.5.1
HTML_QuickForm                            3.2.16
HTML_Template_IT                          1.3.1
HTML_Template_PHPLIB                      1.6.1
HTML_Common                               1.2.5
HTML_Table                                1.8.4
HTML_TreeMenu                             1.2.2
HTML_Javascript                           1.1.2
HTML_Template_Flexy                       1.3.13
HTML_Crypt                                1.3.4
HTML_Select_Common                        1.2.0
Pager_Sliding                             1.6
HTML_Form                                 1.3.1
HTML_Template_Xipe                        1.7.6
HTML_Template_Sigma                       1.3.0
HTML_Page                                 -n/a-
HTML_Select                               1.3.1
HTML_BBCodeParser                         1.2.4
HTML_CSS                                  1.5.4
HTML_Progress                             1.2.6
HTML_Menu                                 2.2.0
HTML_QuickForm_Controller                 1.0.10
HTML_Table_Matrix                         1.0.10
HTML_Page2                                -n/a-
HTML_Progress2                            2.4.2
HTML_Common2                              2.3.1
HTML_QuickForm_SelectFilter               -n/a-
HTML_Safe                                 -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect             1.5.1
HTML_AJAX                                 -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch                 -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm2                           2.3.0
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless         -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless        -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA                    -n/a-
HTML_TagCloud                             1.0.0
HTML_QuickForm_ElementGrid                -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm_altselect                  1.1.1
HTML_QuickForm_Rule_Spelling              -n/a-
HTML_Entities                             -n/a-
HTML_BBCodeParser2                        -n/a-
HTML_Template_PHPTAL                      -n/a-
HTML_QuickForm2_Captcha                   -n/a-
HTTP                                      1.4.1
HTTP_Upload                               0.9.1
HTTP_FloodControl                         -n/a-
HTTP_Request                              1.4.4
HTTP_Header                               1.2.1
HTTP_Session                              -n/a-
HTTP_WebDAV_Server                        -n/a-
HTTP_Client                               1.2.1
HTTP_Server                               -n/a-
HTTP_Download                             1.1.4
HTTP_WebDAV_Client                        1.0.2
HTTP_Session2                             -n/a-
HTTP_SessionServer                        -n/a-
HTTP_Request2                             2.5.1
HTTP2                                     1.1.2
HTTP_Download2                            -n/a-
HTTP_Header2                              -n/a-
HTTP_OAuth                                -n/a-
Image_Color                               1.0.4
Image_Remote                              1.0.2
Image_GraphViz                            1.3.0
Image_Transform                           -n/a-
Image_Barcode                             1.1.3
Image_GIS                                 1.1.2
Image_IPTC                                1.0.2
Image_Puzzle                              -n/a-
Image_Canvas                              -n/a-
Image_Graph                               -n/a-
Image_Text                                -n/a-
Image_Tools                               -n/a-
Image_QRCode                              -n/a-
Image_XBM                                 -n/a-
Image_3D                                  -n/a-
Image_Color2                              -n/a-
Image_MonoBMP                             -n/a-
Image_WBMP                                -n/a-
Image_JpegMarkerReader                    -n/a-
Image_JpegXmpReader                       -n/a-
Image_GIS2                                -n/a-
Image_Barcode2                            -n/a-
Translation                               1.2.6pl1
I18N                                      1.0.0
Translation2                              2.0.4
I18Nv2                                    -n/a-
I18N_UnicodeString                        -n/a-
I18N_UnicodeNormalizer                    1.0.0
Log                                       1.13.3
Mail_IMAPv2                               -n/a-
Mail_Mime                                 1.10.11
Mail                                      1.4.1
Mail_Mbox                                 -n/a-
Mail_Queue                                1.2.7
Mail_IMAP                                 -n/a-
Mail_mimeDecode                           1.5.6
Mail2                                     -n/a-
Mail_Mime2                                -n/a-
Math_Basex                                0.3
Math_Vector                               -n/a-
Math_Stats                                0.8.5
Math_Histogram                            -n/a-
Math_TrigOp                               1.0
Math_Complex                              -n/a-
Math_Integer                              -n/a-
Math_Fibonacci                            0.8
Math_Quaternion                           -n/a-
Math_Matrix                               0.8.0
Math_RPN                                  1.1.2
Math_Numerical_RootFinding                1.0.0
Math_BinaryUtils                          -n/a-
Math_Fraction                             -n/a-
Math_Finance                              1.0.1
Math_Polynomial                           -n/a-
Math_Derivative                           -n/a-
Math_BigInteger                           1.0.3
Math_Combinatorics                        1.0.0
Net_IRC                                   -n/a-
Net_CheckIP                               1.2.2
Net_IPv6                                  1.2.1
Net_NNTP                                  1.5.2
Net_Socket2                               -n/a-
Net_Ping                                  2.4.5
Net_Whois                                 1.0.6
Net_Portscan                              1.0.3
Net_POP3                                  1.3.8
Net_Curl                                  1.2.5
Net_URL                                   1.0.15
Net_Dig                                   0.1
Net_Geo                                   1.0.5
Net_DNS                                   1.0.7
Net_UserAgent_Detect                      2.5.2
Net_Socket                                1.2.2
Net_Sieve                                 1.4.5
Net_SMTP                                  1.10.0
Net_DIME                                  1.0.2
Net_IPv4                                  1.3.5
Net_FTP                                   1.4.1
Net_Dict                                  1.0.7
Net_Ident                                 1.1.0
Net_SmartIRC                              1.1.14
Net_Finger                                1.0.1
Net_UserAgent_Mobile                      1.0.0
Net_IMAP                                  1.1.3
Net_LMTP                                  1.0.2
Net_Server                                1.0.3
Net_Traceroute                            -n/a-
Net_LDAP                                  1.1.5
Net_SMTP2                                 -n/a-
Net_Cyrus                                 -n/a-
Net_GameServerQuery                       -n/a-
Net_SMS                                   -n/a-
Net_DNSBL                                 1.3.7
Net_GeoIP                                 1.0.0
Net_HL7                                   -n/a-
Net_IDNA                                  -n/a-
Net_Monitor                               -n/a-
Net_Wifi                                  1.3.0
Net_SMPP                                  -n/a-
Net_SMPP_Client                           -n/a-
Net_Growl                                 2.7.0
Net_CDDB                                  -n/a-
Net_CheckIP2                              -n/a-
Net_MPD                                   1.0.2
Net_MAC                                   -n/a-
Net_URL_Mapper                            -n/a-
Net_URL2                                  2.1.2
Net_Vpopmaild                             -n/a-
Net_Nmap                                  1.0.5
URI_Template                              -n/a-
Net_LDAP2                                 2.2.0
Net_Gearman                               -n/a-
Net_AsteriskManager                       -n/a-
Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS                  -n/a-
Net_WebFinger                             -n/a-
Net_DNS2                                  1.5.0
Net_SSH2                                  -n/a-
Net_IDNA2                                 -n/a-
Numbers_Roman                             1.0.2
Numbers_Words                             -n/a-
Payment_PayPal_SOAP                       -n/a-
Payment_Clieop                            0.1.1
Payment_Process                           -n/a-
Payment_DTA                               1.4.3
Payment_Process2                          -n/a-
Payment_PagamentoCerto                    -n/a-
PEAR                                      1.10.13
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk                         -n/a-
PEAR_Frontend_Web                         -n/a-
PEAR_Info                                 1.9.2
PEAR_PackageFileManager                   1.7.2
PEAR_Delegator                            -n/a-
PEAR_PackageFileManager_GUI_Gtk           1.0.1
PEAR_RemoteInstaller                      -n/a-
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2                        1.1.0
PEAR_Command_Packaging                    -n/a-
PEAR_PackageUpdate                        1.0.4
PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2                   -n/a-
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend          -n/a-
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend_Web      -n/a-
PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web                    1.0.1
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli               -n/a-
PEAR_Size                                 -n/a-
PEAR_PackageFileManager2                  1.0.4
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Plugins           1.0.4
PEAR_Exception                            1.0.2
PEAR_Manpages                             1.10.0
pearweb_election                          1.0.2
pearweb                                   1.32.0
pearweb_phars                             1.10.21
pearweb_channelxml                        1.15.2
pearweb_index                             1.24.0
pearweb_gopear                            1.1.7
pearweb_manual                            1.3.0
pearweb_qa                                1.0.3
pearweb_pepr                              1.0.5
PHP_Debug                                 1.0.3
PHPDoc                                    -n/a-
Var_Dump                                  1.0.4
Inline_C                                  -n/a-
PHP_Parser                                -n/a-
PHP_CompatInfo                            1.9.0
PHP_Fork                                  -n/a-
PHP_Compat                                1.5.0
PHP_Beautifier                            -n/a-
PHP_Archive                               -n/a-
PHP_Shell                                 -n/a-
PHP_LexerGenerator                        -n/a-
PHP_ParserGenerator                       -n/a-
PHP_CodeSniffer                           3.6.2
PHP_DocBlockGenerator                     1.1.2
PHP_Parser_DocblockParser                 -n/a-
PHP_FunctionCallTracer                    1.0.0
PHP_ArrayOf                               -n/a-
PHP_UML                                   1.6.2
FSM                                       1.4.0
QA_Peardoc_Coverage                       1.1.1
Science_Chemistry                         1.1.2
RDF                                       -n/a-
RDF_N3                                    -n/a-
RDF_NTriple                               -n/a-
RDF_RDQL                                  -n/a-
XML_GRDDL                                 -n/a-
Stream_SHM                                1.0.0
Stream_Var                                1.2.0
Tree                                      -n/a-
OLE                                       -n/a-
Games_Chess                               1.0.1
Structures_Graph                          1.1.1
Structures_DataGrid                       -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array      -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_CSV        -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DataObject -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DB         -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBQuery    -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBTable    -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_MDB2       -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_RSS        -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_XML        -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Console      -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_CSV          -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLSortForm -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLTable    -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Pager        -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Smarty       -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XLS          -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML          -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XUL          -n/a-
Structures_BibTex                         -n/a-
Structures_Form                           -n/a-
Structures_Form_Gtk2                      -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Excel      -n/a-
Structures_LinkedList                     -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Flexy        -n/a-
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_PDO        -n/a-
System_Command                            1.0.8
System_ProcWatch                          -n/a-
System_Socket                             -n/a-
System_Mount                              1.0.1
System_WinDrives                          1.0.0
System_SharedMemory                       -n/a-
System_Folders                            1.0.5
System_Daemon                             1.0.0
System_Launcher                           -n/a-
Testing_Selenium                          -n/a-
PHPUnit                                   1.3.2
PHPUnit2                                  2.3.6
Testing_FIT                               -n/a-
Testing_DocTest                           -n/a-
Text_Statistics                           1.0.1
Text_Password                             1.2.1
Text_Wiki                                 1.2.3
Text_Diff                                 1.2.2
Text_Highlighter                          -n/a-
Text_TeXHyphen                            -n/a-
Text_CAPTCHA                              1.0.2
Text_Huffman                              -n/a-
Text_Figlet                               1.0.2
Text_Wiki_BBCode                          -n/a-
Text_Wiki_Cowiki                          -n/a-
Text_Wiki_Doku                            -n/a-
Text_Wiki_Tiki                            -n/a-
Text_Wiki_Mediawiki                       -n/a-
Text_LanguageDetect                       1.0.0
Text_PathNavigator                        -n/a-
Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral                      1.3.2
Text_Wiki_Creole                          1.0.2
Text_Spell_Audio                          -n/a-
Text_Wiki2                                -n/a-
PhpDocumentor                             1.4.4
CodeGen_MySQL_UDF                         -n/a-
MIME_Type                                 1.4.1
Search_Mnogosearch                        -n/a-
ScriptReorganizer                         -n/a-
CodeGen                                   1.0.7
CodeGen_PECL                              1.1.3
CodeGen_MySQL                             -n/a-
CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin                      -n/a-
Validate                                  -n/a-
Validate_AT                               -n/a-
Validate_CA                               -n/a-
Validate_CH                               -n/a-
Validate_Finance_CreditCard               -n/a-
Validate_DE                               -n/a-
Validate_ES                               -n/a-
Validate_FR                               -n/a-
Validate_Finance                          -n/a-
Validate_ISPN                             -n/a-
Validate_NL                               -n/a-
Validate_PL                               -n/a-
Validate_UK                               -n/a-
Validate_US                               -n/a-
Validate_ZA                               -n/a-
Validate_ptBR                             -n/a-
Validate_BE                               -n/a-
Validate_AU                               -n/a-
Validate_DK                               -n/a-
Validate_IS                               -n/a-
Validate_AR                               -n/a-
Validate_IN                               -n/a-
Validate_NZ                               -n/a-
Validate_FI                               1.0.0
Validate_LV                               -n/a-
Validate_IT                               -n/a-
Validate_RU                               -n/a-
Validate_IE                               1.1.1
Validate_HU                               -n/a-
Validate_NO                               -n/a-
Validate_SE                               -n/a-
Validate_LI                               -n/a-
Validate_LU                               -n/a-
Validate_IR                               -n/a-
VersionControl_SVN                        -n/a-
VersionControl_Git                        -n/a-
Services_Akismet2                         -n/a-
XML_RPC                                   1.5.5
Services_PageRank_[OBSOLETE]              -n/a-
Services_Yahoo                            -n/a-
Services_JSON                             1.0.3
SOAP                                      -n/a-
Services_W3C_CSSValidator                 -n/a-
SOAP_Interop                              -n/a-
UDDI                                      -n/a-
Services_ExchangeRates                    -n/a-
Services_Weather                          1.4.7
Services_ProjectHoneyPot                  -n/a-
Services_Amazon                           -n/a-
Services_Google                           -n/a-
Services_Delicious                        -n/a-
Services_Ebay                             -n/a-
Services_Technorati                       -n/a-
Services_Trackback                        -n/a-
Services_Hatena                           -n/a-
Services_Pingback                         -n/a-
Services_Webservice                       -n/a-
Services_DynDNS                           -n/a-
XML_RPC2                                  1.1.4
Services_OpenSearch                       -n/a-
Services_YouTube                          -n/a-
Services_W3C_HTMLValidator                1.0.0
Services_Blogging                         -n/a-
Services_Digg                             -n/a-
Services_SharedBook                       -n/a-
Services_Compete                          -n/a-
Services_Yadis                            -n/a-
Services_TinyURL                          -n/a-
Services_urlTea                           -n/a-
Services_Akismet                          1.0.1
Services_Facebook                         -n/a-
Services_Amazon_S3                        -n/a-
Services_Yahoo_JP                         -n/a-
Services_TwitPic                          -n/a-
Services_Twitter                          -n/a-
Services_Atlassian_Crowd                  -n/a-
Services_oEmbed                           -n/a-
Services_Amazon_SQS                       -n/a-
Services_GeoNames                         1.0.1
Services_ReCaptcha                        1.0.3
Services_Scribd                           -n/a-
Services_OpenStreetMap                    -n/a-
Services_Mailman                          -n/a-
Services_Digg2                            -n/a-
Services_UseKetchup                       -n/a-
Services_Libravatar                       -n/a-
Services_ShortURL                         -n/a-
Services_Twitter_Uploader                 -n/a-
Services_Apns                             -n/a-
XML_fo2pdf                                0.98
XML_sql2xml                               -n/a-
XML_Tree                                  1.1
XML_RSS                                   1.1.0
XML_Transformer                           1.1.2
XML_Parser                                1.3.8
XML_svg2image                             -n/a-
XML_CSSML                                 1.1.1
XML_XPath                                 1.2.4
XML_image2svg                             0.1
XML_XSLT_Wrapper                          -n/a-
XML_NITF                                  1.1.1
XML_HTMLSax                               2.1.2
XML_SaxFilters                            -n/a-
XML_SVG                                   1.1.0
XML_Serializer                            -n/a-
XML_Util                                  1.4.5
XML_RDDL                                  -n/a-
XML_DTD                                   -n/a-
XML_Statistics                            -n/a-
XML_Beautifier                            1.2.2
XML_FOAF                                  -n/a-
XML_Parser2                               -n/a-
XML_XUL                                   -n/a-
XML_Wddx                                  1.0.2
XML_HTMLSax3                              3.0.0
XML_FastCreate                            1.0.4
XML_MXML                                  -n/a-
XML_Indexing                              -n/a-
XML_Feed_Parser                           1.0.5
XML_Query2XML                             1.7.2
XML_XPath2                                -n/a-
XML_XRD                                   -n/a-
XML_Util2                                 -n/a-
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