How to install PEAR PHP packages via cPanel account

PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. PEAR packages are collections of PHP functions that allow you to perform a multitude of tasks. cPanel allows you to install the desired PEAR package. Steps to install a PHP PEAR package are:

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. Go to PHP PEAR Packages in the SOFTWARE Section
  3. Click the Show Available Modules button.
  4. On the list of the available packages, search for the package you want to install and click the corresponding Install link.
  5. After the packages are installed, click the Go Back link from the bottom of the page.
  6. You will be able to see the installed package in the Installed PHP Extension(s) and Application(s) section.
cPanel PEAR Packages
cPanel PEAR Packages

We also made a video tutorial on how to install a PERL package. Check it here:

Install PEAR PHP packages

The available packages(600+) that you can install via cPanel are listed in the table below:

Module NameModule Description
Archive_Tar (1.4.2)Tar file management class
Archive_Zip (0.1.2)Zip file archiving management class
Auth (1.6.4)Creating an authentication system.
Auth_HTTP (2.1.8)HTTP authentication
Auth_PrefManager (1.2.2)Preferences management class
Auth_PrefManager2 (2.0.0dev1)Preferences management class
Auth_RADIUS (1.1.0)Wrapper Classes for the RADIUS PECL.
Auth_SASL (1.1.0)Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
Auth_SASL2 (0.2.0)Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
Benchmark (1.2.9)Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls.
Cache (1.5.6)Framework for caching of arbitrary data.
Cache_Lite (1.8.0)Fast and Safe little cache system
Calendar (0.5.5)A package for building Calendar data structures (irrespective of output)
CodeGen (1.0.7)Tool to create Code generaters that operate on XML descriptions
CodeGen_MySQL (1.0.0RC1)Abstract base package for MySQL code generators
CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin (0.9.2)Tool to generate MySQL Pugins from an XML description
CodeGen_MySQL_UDF (1.0.0RC1)Tool to generate MySQL UDF extensions from an XML description
CodeGen_PECL (1.1.3)Tool to generate PECL extensions from an XML description
Config (1.10.12)Your configuration’s swiss-army knife.
Config_Lite (0.2.5)a lightweight and fast Config class for ini style text configuration files.
Console_Color (1.0.3)This Class allows you to easily use ANSI console colors in your application.
Console_Color2 (0.1.2)This Class allows you to easily use ANSI console colors in your application.
Console_CommandLine (1.2.2)A full featured command line options and arguments parser
Console_Getargs (1.3.5)A command-line arguments parser
Console_Getopt (1.4.1)Command-line option parser
Console_GetoptPlus (1.0.0RC1)Command-line option parser – Console Getopt+ (Getopt Plus)
Console_ProgressBar (0.5.2beta)This class provides you with an easy-to-use interface to progress bars.
Console_Table (1.3.0)Library that makes it easy to build console style tables
Contact_AddressBook (0.5.1)Address book export-import class
Contact_Vcard_Build (1.1.2)Build (create) and fetch vCard 2.1 and 3.0 text blocks.
Contact_Vcard_Parse (1.32.0)Parse vCard 2.1 and 3.0 files.
Crypt_Blowfish (1.1.0RC2)Allows for quick two-way blowfish encryption without requiring the MCrypt PHP extension.
Crypt_CBC (1.0.1)A class to emulate Perl’s Crypt::CBC module.
Crypt_CHAP (1.5.0)Generating CHAP packets.
Crypt_DiffieHellman (0.2.6)Implementation of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange cryptographic protocol for PHP5
Crypt_GPG (1.6.0)GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
Crypt_HMAC (1.0.1)A class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant hashes.
Crypt_HMAC2 (1.0.0)Implementation of Hashed Message Authentication Code for PHP5
Crypt_MicroID (0.1.0)PHP MicroID library.
Crypt_RC4 (1.0.3)Encryption class for RC4 encryption. Users are highly encourages to migrate to Crypt_RC42 (Crypt RC4 2.0); a PHP5 compatible release with multiple bug fixes.
Crypt_RC42 (0.9.0)Encryption class for RC4 encryption for PHP 5
Crypt_RSA (1.2.1)Provides RSA-like key generation, encryption/decryption, signing and signature checking. Users are strongly advised to migrate to phpseclib’s Crypt_RSA; which is better maintained and less vulnerable to security issues.
Crypt_Xtea (1.1.0)A class that implements the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) (New Variant).
Crypt_XXTEA (0.9.0)An implementation of the XXTEA encryption algorithm. NOTICE: unregular default behavior.
Date (1.5.0a4)Generic date/time handling class for PEAR
Date_Holidays (0.21.8)Driver based class to calculate holidays.
Date_Holidays_Australia (0.2.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Australia.
Date_Holidays_Austria (0.1.6)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Austria.
Date_Holidays_Brazil (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Brazil.
Date_Holidays_Chile (0.1.0)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Chile.
Date_Holidays_Croatia (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Croatia.
Date_Holidays_Czech (0.1.0)Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Czech Republic.
Date_Holidays_Denmark (0.1.3)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Denmark.
Date_Holidays_Discordian (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate Discordian holidays.
Date_Holidays_EnglandWales (0.1.5)Driver based class to calculate holidays in England and Wales.
Date_Holidays_Finland (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Finland.
Date_Holidays_France (0.1.0)Driver based class to calculate holidays in France.
Date_Holidays_Germany (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Germany.
Date_Holidays_Iceland (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Iceland.
Date_Holidays_Ireland (0.1.3)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Ireland.
Date_Holidays_Italy (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Italy.
Date_Holidays_Japan (0.1.3)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Japan.
Date_Holidays_Netherlands (0.1.4)Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Netherlands.
Date_Holidays_Norway (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Norway.
Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate birthdays of some members of the community.
Date_Holidays_Portugal (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Portugal.
Date_Holidays_Romania (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Romania.
Date_Holidays_Russia (0.1.0)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Russia.
Date_Holidays_SanMarino (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in San Marino.
Date_Holidays_Serbia (0.1.0)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Serbia.
Date_Holidays_Slovenia (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Slovenia.
Date_Holidays_Spain (0.1.4)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Spain.
Date_Holidays_Sweden (0.1.3)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Sweden.
Date_Holidays_Turkey (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Turkey.
Date_Holidays_Ukraine (0.1.2)Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Ukraine.
Date_Holidays_UNO (0.1.3)Driver based class to calculate holidays in UNO.
Date_Holidays_USA (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in USA.
Date_Holidays_Venezuela (0.1.1)Driver based class to calculate holidays in Venezuela.
Date_HumanDiff (0.5.0)Generate textual time differences that are easily understandable by humans
DB (1.9.2)Database Abstraction Layer
DBA (1.1.1)Berkely-style database abstraction class
DBA_Relational (0.2.0)Berkely-style database abstraction class
DB_ado (1.3.1)DB driver which use MS ADODB library
DB_DataObject (1.11.5)An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables
DB_DataObject_FormBuilder (1.0.2)Class to automatically build HTML_QuickForm objects from a DB_DataObject-derived class
DB_ldap (1.2.1)DB interface to LDAP server
DB_ldap2 (0.5.1)DB drivers for LDAP v2 and v3 database
DB_NestedSet (1.4.1)API to build and query nested sets
DB_NestedSet2 ()API to build and query nested sets
DB_odbtp (1.0.4)DB interface for ODBTP
DB_Pager (0.7.2)Retrieve and return information of database result sets
DB_QueryTool (1.1.2)An OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB.
DB_Sqlite_Tools (0.1.7)DB_Sqlite_Tools is an object oriented interface to effectively manage and backup Sqlite databases.
DB_Table (1.5.6)An object oriented interface to, and model of, a database. Integrates with HTML_QuickForm.
Event_Dispatcher (1.1.0)Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
Event_SignalEmitter (0.3.2)Generic signal emitting class with the same API as GObject.
File (1.4.1)Common file and directory routines
File_Archive (1.5.5)File_Archive will let you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
File_Bittorrent (1.1.0)Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format
File_Bittorrent2 (1.3.1)Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format
File_Cabinet (0.1.0)Microsoft Cabinet file extraction using either cabextract or expand
File_CSV (1.0.0)Read and write of CSV files
File_CSV_DataSource (1.0.1)Simple data access object for csv files in php5.
File_DeliciousLibrary (0.1.1)Parser for the library database of the Delicious Library software.
File_DICOM (0.3)Package for reading and modifying DICOM files
File_DNS (0.1.0)Manipulate RFC1033-style DNS Zonefiles
File_Find (1.3.3)A Class the facilitates the search of filesystems
File_Fortune (1.0.0)File_Fortune provides an interface for reading from and writing to fortune files.
File_Fstab (2.0.3)Read and write fstab files
File_Gettext (0.4.2)GNU Gettext file parser
File_HtAccess (1.2.1)Manipulate .htaccess files
File_IMC (0.5.0)Create and parse Internet Mail Consortium-style files (like vCard and vCalendar)
File_Infopath (0.1.0)A package to read the schema and views in html from a Microsoft Infopath file
File_MARC (1.1.5)Parse, modify, and create MARC records
File_Mogile (0.2.0)PHP interface to MogileFS
File_Ogg (0.3.1)Retrieves metadata from Ogg files.
File_Passwd (1.1.7)Manipulate many kinds of password files
File_PDF (0.3.3)PDF generation using only PHP.
File_SearchReplace (1.1.4)Performs search and replace routines.The package always perform replace and doesn’t provide separate functions for search.
File_Sitemap (0.1.4)Create and manage sitemap files.
File_SMBPasswd (1.0.3)Class for managing SAMBA style password files.
File_Therion (0.4.0)File_Therion provides an object oriented interface to Therions .th cave-data files.
File_Util (1.0.0)Common file and directory utility functions
File_XSPF (0.3.1)Package for Manipulating XSPF Playlists
FSM (1.4.0)Finite State Machine
Games_Chess (1.0.1)Construct and validate a logical chess game, does not display
Genealogy_Gedcom (1.0.1)Gedcom parser
Gtk2_EntryDialog (1.0.0)Message box with text entry field
Gtk2_ExceptionDump (1.1.1)Analyze exceptions, php and PEAR errors visually
Gtk2_FileDrop (1.0.0)Make Gtk widgets accept file drops
Gtk2_IndexedComboBox (1.1.0)Indexed Gtk2 combo box similar to the HTML select box.
Gtk2_PHPConfig (1.0.0RC2)GUI Interface to the php.ini file
Gtk2_ScrollingLabel (0.4.1)A Scrolling label for PHP-Gtk2
Gtk2_VarDump (1.0.0)A simple GUI to examine php data trees
Gtk_FileDrop (1.0.3)Make Gtk widgets accept file drops
Gtk_MDB_Designer (0.1)An Gtk Database schema designer
Gtk_ScrollingLabel (1.0.0)A scrolling label for PHP-Gtk
Gtk_Styled (1.0.0)PHP-GTK pseudo-widgets that mimic GtkData based objects and allow the look and feel to be controlled by the programmer.
Gtk_VarDump (1.0.1)A simple GUI to example php data trees
HTML_AJAX (0.5.8)PHP and JavaScript AJAX library
HTML_BBCodeParser (1.2.4)This is a parser to replace UBB style tags with their html equivalents.
HTML_BBCodeParser2 (0.1.0)A PHP5 replacement for HTML_BBCodeParser. This is a parser to replace UBB style tags with their html equivalents.
HTML_Common (1.2.5)PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes.
HTML_Common2 (2.1.1)Abstract base class for HTML classes (PHP5 port of HTML_Common package).
HTML_Crypt (1.3.4)Encrypts text which is later decoded using javascript on the client side
HTML_CSS (1.5.4)Provides a simple interface for validate, handle and generate cascading style sheets
HTML_Entities (0.2.2)Convert text to/from HTML entities.
HTML_Form (1.3.0)Simple HTML form package
HTML_Javascript (1.1.2)Provides an interface for creating simple JS scripts.
HTML_Menu (2.2.0)Generates HTML menus from multidimensional hashes.
HTML_Page (2.0.0RC2)PEAR::HTML_Page is a base class for XHTML page generation.
HTML_Page2 (0.6.5)PEAR::HTML_Page2 is a base class for XHTML page generation.
HTML_Progress (1.2.6)How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
HTML_Progress2 (2.4.2)How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
HTML_QuickForm (3.2.14)The PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package provides methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms.
HTML_QuickForm2 (2.0.2)PHP5 rewrite of HTML_QuickForm package
HTML_QuickForm2_Captcha (0.1.2)Captcha package for QuickForm2
HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect (1.5.1)Element for HTML_QuickForm that emulate a multi-select.
HTML_QuickForm_altselect (1.1.1)An alternative to HTML_QuickForm_select using radio buttons and checkboxes
HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA (0.3.0)Drop-in CAPTCHA element for QuickForm forms
HTML_QuickForm_Controller (1.0.10)The add-on to HTML_QuickForm package that allows building of multipage forms
HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless (0.3.3)DHTML replacement for the standard JavaScript alert window for client-side validation using the tableless renderer
HTML_QuickForm_ElementGrid (0.1.2)An HTML_QuickForm meta-element which holds any other element in a grid
HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch (0.4.1)Element for HTML_QuickForm to enable a suggest search.
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless (0.6.2)Replacement for the default renderer that doesn’t use table tags, and generates fully valid XHTML output.
HTML_QuickForm_Rule_Spelling (0.2.0)A HTML_QuickForm rule plugin that checks the spelling of its values
HTML_QuickForm_SelectFilter (1.0.0RC1)Element for PEAR::HTML_QuickForm that defines dynamic filters on the client side for select elements.
HTML_Safe (0.10.1)This parser strips down all potentially dangerous content within HTML
HTML_Select (1.3.1)HTML_Select is a class for generating HTML form select elements.
HTML_Select_Common (1.2.0)Some small classes to handle common <select> lists
HTML_Table (1.8.4)PEAR::HTML_Table makes the design of HTML tables easy, flexible, reusable and efficient.
HTML_Table_Matrix (1.0.10)Autofill a table with data
HTML_TagCloud (1.0.0)Generate a “Tag Cloud” in HTML and visualize tags by their frequency. Additionally visualizes each tag’s age.
HTML_Template_Flexy (1.3.13)An extremely powerful Tokenizer driven Template engine
HTML_Template_IT (1.3.0)Integrated Templates
HTML_Template_PHPLIB (1.6.0)preg_* based template system.
HTML_Template_PHPTAL ()Templating engine for XHTML and HTML5 with XML syntax and protection against XSS.
HTML_Template_Sigma (1.3.0)An implementation of Integrated Templates API with template ‘compilation’ added
HTML_Template_Xipe (1.7.6)A simple, fast and powerful template engine.
HTML_TreeMenu (1.2.2)Provides an api to create a HTML tree
HTTP (1.4.1)Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
HTTP2 (1.1.2)Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
HTTP_Client (1.2.1)Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results
HTTP_Download (1.1.4)Send HTTP Downloads
HTTP_Download2 ()A fork of HTTP_Download for PHP5+
HTTP_FloodControl (0.1.1)Detect and protect from attempts to flood a site
HTTP_Header (1.2.1)OO interface to modify and handle HTTP headers and status codes. PEAR QA would recommend Symfony HTTP_Foundation for PHP 5.3+ users. See
HTTP_Header2 (0.1.0)A fork of HTTP_Header for PHP5+
HTTP_OAuth (0.3.2)PEAR implementation of the OAuth 1.0a specification
HTTP_Request (1.4.4)Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
HTTP_Request2 (2.3.0)Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests.
HTTP_Server (0.4.1)HTTP server class.
HTTP_Session (0.5.6)Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions
HTTP_Session2 (0.7.3)PHP5 Session Handler
HTTP_SessionServer (0.5.0)Daemon to store session data that can be accessed via a simple protocol.
HTTP_Upload (1.0.0b4)Easy and secure managment of files submitted via HTML Forms
HTTP_WebDAV_Client (1.0.2)WebDAV stream wrapper class
HTTP_WebDAV_Server (1.0.0RC8)WebDAV Server Baseclass.
I18N (1.0.0)Internationalization package
I18Nv2 (0.11.4)Internationalization
I18N_UnicodeNormalizer (1.0.0)Unicode Normalizer
I18N_UnicodeString (0.3.1)Provides a way to work with self contained multibyte strings
Image_3D (0.4.2)This class allows the rendering of 3 dimensional objects utilizing PHP.
Image_Barcode (1.1.3)Barcode generation
Image_Barcode2 (0.2.3)Barcode generation
Image_Canvas (0.3.5)A package providing a common interface to image drawing, making image source code independent on the library used.
Image_Color (1.0.4)Manage and handles color data and conversions.
Image_Color2 (0.1.5)Color conversion and mixing for PHP5
Image_GIS (1.1.2)Visualization of GIS data.
Image_GIS2 (0.1.0)Visualization of GIS data.
Image_Graph (0.8.0)A package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot.
Image_GraphViz (1.3.0)Interface to AT&amp;T’s GraphViz tools
Image_IPTC (1.0.2)Extract, modify, and save IPTC data
Image_JpegMarkerReader (0.5.0)Read arbitrary markers from JPEG files.
Image_JpegXmpReader (0.5.3)Read Photoshop-style XMP metadata from JPEG files.
Image_MonoBMP (0.1.0)Manipulate monochrome BMP images
Image_Puzzle (0.2.2)Generates puzzle pieces from image file
Image_QRCode (0.1.3)A QR (2D) barcode image generator.
Image_Remote (1.0.2)Retrieve information on remote image files.
Image_Text (0.7.0)Image_Text – Advanced text maipulations in images.
Image_Tools (1.0.0RC1)Tools collection for image manipulation.
Image_Transform (0.9.5)Provides a standard interface to manipulate images using different libraries
Image_WBMP (0.1.0)Manipulate WBMP images
Image_XBM (0.9.0RC1)Manipulate XBM images
Inline_C (0.1)Allows inline inclusion of function definitions in C
LiveUser (0.16.14)User authentication and permission management framework
LiveUser_Admin (0.4.0)User authentication and permission management framework
Log (1.13.1)Logging Framework
Mail (1.3.0)Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
Mail2 (0.1.1)Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
Mail_IMAP (1.1.0RC2)Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
Mail_IMAPv2 (0.2.1)Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
Mail_Mbox (0.6.3)Read and modify Unix MBOXes
Mail_Mime (1.10.0)Mail_Mime provides classes to create MIME messages.
Mail_Mime2 ()Mail_Mime provides classes to create MIME messages.
Mail_mimeDecode (1.5.6)Provides a class to decode mime messages.
Mail_Queue (1.2.7)Class for put mails in queue and send them later in background.
Math_Basex (0.3.1)Simple class for converting base set of numbers with a customizable character base set.
Math_BigInteger (1.0.3)Pure-PHP arbitrary precission integer arithmetic library
Math_BinaryUtils (0.3.0)Collection of helper methods for easy handling of binary data.
Math_Combinatorics (1.0.0)A package that produces combinations and permutations
Math_Complex (0.8.6)Classes that define complex numbers and their operations
Math_Derivative (1.0.0RC1)Calculate the derivative of a mathematical expression
Math_Fibonacci (0.8)Package to calculate and manipulate Fibonacci numbers
Math_Finance (1.0.1)Financial functions
Math_Fraction (0.4.1)Classes that represent and manipulate fractions.
Math_Histogram (0.9.0)Classes to calculate histogram distributions
Math_Integer (0.9.0)Package to represent and manipulate integers
Math_Matrix (0.8.7)Class to represent matrices and matrix operations
Math_Numerical_RootFinding (1.1.0a2)Numerical Root-Finding methods package in PHP
Math_Polynomial (0.1.0)Package to represent and manipulate Polynomial equations
Math_Quaternion (0.8.0)Classes that define Quaternions and their operations
Math_RPN (1.1.2)Reverse Polish Notation.
Math_Stats (0.9.1)Classes to calculate statistical parameters
Math_TrigOp (1.0)Supplementary trigonometric functions
Math_Vector (0.7.0)Vector and vector operation classes
MDB (1.3.0)database abstraction layer
MDB2 (2.5.0b5)database abstraction layer
MDB2_Driver_fbsql (0.3.0)fbsql MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_ibase (1.5.0b5)ibase MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_mssql (1.5.0b4)mssql MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_mysql (1.5.0b4)mysql MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_mysqli (1.5.0b4)mysqli MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_oci8 (1.5.0b4)oci8 MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_odbc (0.2.0)ODBC Driver for MDB2
MDB2_Driver_pgsql (1.5.0b4)pgsql MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_querysim (0.7.0)querysim MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_sqlite (1.5.0b4)sqlite MDB2 driver
MDB2_Driver_sqlsrv (1.5.0b5)sqlsrv MDB2 driver
MDB2_Schema (0.8.6)XML based database schema manager
MDB2_TableBrowser (0.1.3)Database table abstraction library
MDB_QueryTool (1.2.3)An OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB.
Message (0.6)Message hash and digest (HMAC) generation methods and classes
MIME_Type (1.4.1)Utility class for dealing with MIME types
MP3_Id (1.2.2)Read/Write MP3-Tags
MP3_IDv2 (0.1.8)Read/Write IDv2-Tags
MP3_Playlist (0.5.2)Library to create MP3 playlists on the fly, several formats supported including XML, RSS and XHTML
Net_AsteriskManager ()Control an Asterisk PBX server from PHP
Net_CDDB (0.3.0)Package to access and query, and build CDDB audio-CD servers
Net_CheckIP (1.2.2)Check the syntax of IPv4 addresses
Net_CheckIP2 (1.0.0RC3)A package to determine if an IP (v4) is valid.
Net_Curl (1.2.5)Net_Curl provides an OO interface to PHP’s cURL extension
Net_Cyrus (0.3.2)provides an API for the administration of Cyrus IMAP servers.
Net_Dict (1.0.7)Interface to the DICT Protocol
Net_Dig (0.1)The PEAR::Net_Dig class should be a nice, friendly OO interface to the dig command
Net_DIME (1.0.2)The Net_DIME package implements DIME encoding and decoding
Net_DNS (1.0.7)Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server.
Net_DNS2 (1.4.3)PHP5 Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server.
Net_DNSBL (1.3.7)Easy way to check if a given Host or URL is listed on a DNSBL or SURBL
Net_Finger (1.0.1)The PEAR::Net_Finger class provides a tool for querying Finger Servers
Net_FTP (1.4.0)Net_FTP provides an OO interface to the PHP FTP functions plus some additions
Net_GameServerQuery (0.3.0)An interface to query and return information from a game server
Net_Gearman (0.2.3)A PHP interface to Gearman
Net_Geo (1.0.5)Geographical locations based on Internet address
Net_GeoIP (1.0.0)Library to perform geo-location lookups of IP addresses.
Net_Growl (2.7.0)Send notifications to Growl from PHP on MACOSX and WINDOWS
Net_HL7 (0.1.1)HL7 messaging API.
Net_Ident (1.1.0)Identification Protocol implementation
Net_IDNA (0.8.1)Punycode encoding and decoding.
Net_IDNA2 (0.2.0)Punycode encoding and decoding.
Net_IMAP (1.1.3)Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
Net_IPv4 (1.3.4)IPv4 network calculations and validation.
Net_IPv6 (1.3.0b2)Check and validate IPv6 addresses
Net_IRC (0.0.7)IRC Client Class
Net_LDAP (1.1.5)Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
Net_LDAP2 (2.2.0)Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
Net_LMTP (1.0.2)Provides an implementation of the RFC2033 LMTP protocol
Net_MAC (0.1.5)Validates and formats MAC addresses
Net_Monitor (0.3.0)Remote Service Monitor
Net_MPD (1.0.2)Music Player Daemon interaction API
Net_Nmap (1.0.5)A simple wrapper class for the Nmap utility
Net_NNTP (1.5.0)NNTP implementation
Net_Ping (2.4.5)Execute ping
Net_POP3 (1.3.8)Provides a POP3 class to access POP3 server.
Net_Portscan (1.0.3)Portscanner utilities.
Net_Server (1.0.3)Generic server class
Net_Sieve (1.3.4)Handles talking to a sieve server.
Net_SmartIRC (1.1.10)Helps you communicate with IRC networks in whatever way you might need, whether in a CLI program or as part of a web page. Also well-suited for bot development.
Net_SMPP (0.4.5)SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
Net_SMPP_Client (0.4.1)SMPP v3.4 client
Net_SMS (0.2.1)SMS functionality.
Net_SMTP (1.7.3)An implementation of the SMTP protocol
Net_SMTP2 (0.1.0)Net_SMTP w/PHP5 compatibility
Net_Socket (1.1.0)Network Socket Interface
Net_Socket2 (0.1.1)Network Socket Interface
Net_SSH2 ()ssh2 client abstraction layer
Net_Traceroute (0.21.3)Execute traceroute
Net_URL (1.0.15)Easy parsing of Urls
Net_URL2 (2.1.2)Class for parsing and handling URL.
Net_URL_Mapper (0.9.1)Provides a simple and flexible way to build nice URLs for web applications.
Net_UserAgent_Detect (2.5.2)Net_UserAgent_Detect determines the Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string
Net_UserAgent_Mobile (1.0.0)HTTP mobile user agent string parser
Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS (0.1.1)Interface for GPS
Net_Vpopmaild (0.3.2)Class for accessing Vpopmail’s vpopmaild daemon
Net_WebFinger (0.4.0)WebFinger client library for PHP
Net_Whois (1.0.5)The PEAR::Net_Whois class provides a tool to query internet domain name and network number directory services
Net_Wifi (1.3.0)Scans for wireless networks
Numbers_Roman (1.0.2)Provides methods for converting to and from Roman Numerals.
Numbers_Words (0.18.1)The PEAR Numbers_Words package provides methods for spelling numerals in words.
OLE (1.0.0RC2)Package for reading and writing OLE containers
OpenDocument (0.2.1)Read, create and modify OASIS OpenDocument office files.
OpenID (0.4.0)PHP implementation of OpenID 1.1 and 2.0
Pager (2.4.9)Data paging class
Pager_Sliding (1.6)Sliding Window Pager.
Payment_Clieop (0.2.0)These classes can create a clieop03 file for you which you can send to a Dutch Bank. Ofcourse you need also a Dutch bank account.
Payment_DTA (1.4.3)Creates and reads DTA and DTAZV files containing money transaction data (Germany).
Payment_PagamentoCerto (0.2.3)PHP client to Brazilian payment gateway PagamentoCerto
Payment_PayPal_SOAP (0.5.1)PayPal SOAP API client
Payment_Process (0.6.8)Unified payment processor
Payment_Process2 (0.3.1)A PHP5 Payment process API
PEAR (1.10.3)PEAR Base System
pearweb (1.29.0)The source code for the PEAR website
pearweb_channelxml (1.15.2)channel.xml and DTD for channel
pearweb_election (1.0.2)The source code for the PEAR website election
pearweb_gopear (1.1.7)go-pear script for
pearweb_index (1.23.1)The source code for the PEAR website, informational front pages
pearweb_manual (1.3.0)The source code for the PEAR website manual bits
pearweb_pepr (1.0.5)The source code for the PEAR website package voting
pearweb_phars (1.10.5)The source code for the PEAR website: go-pear.phar/install-pear-nozlib.phar
pearweb_qa (1.0.3)The source code for the PEAR website QA scripts
PEAR_Command_Packaging (0.3.0)make-rpm-spec command for managing RPM .spec files for PEAR packages
PEAR_Delegator (0.1.0)Delegation for PHP
PEAR_Exception (1.0.0)The PEAR Exception base class
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk (0.4.0)Depreciated – Use PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2
PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2 (1.1.0)Graphical PEAR installer based on PHP-Gtk2
PEAR_Frontend_Web (0.7.5)Webbased PEAR Package Manager
PEAR_Info (1.9.2)Show Information about your PEAR install and its packages
PEAR_Manpages (1.10.0)PEAR man pages
PEAR_PackageFileManager (1.7.2)PEAR_PackageFileManager takes an existing v1 package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog
PEAR_PackageFileManager2 (1.0.4)PEAR_PackageFileManager2 takes an existing v2 package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli (0.4.0)A command line interface to PEAR_PackageFileManager
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend (0.8.0)PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend, the singleton-based frontend for user input/output.
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend_Web (0.6.0)A Web GUI frontend for the PEAR_PackageFileManager2 class.
PEAR_PackageFileManager_GUI_Gtk (1.0.1)A PHP-GTK frontend for the PEAR_PackageFileManager class.
PEAR_PackageFileManager_Plugins (1.0.4)The plugins for PEAR_PackageFileManager to pick up what files to use, supported are File, CVS, SVN, Git, Perforce
PEAR_PackageUpdate (1.1.0RC1)A simple way to update packages at run time.
PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2 (0.3.2)A PHP-GTK 2 front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web (1.0.1)A Web front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
PEAR_RemoteInstaller (0.3.2)PEAR Remote installation plugin through FTP, SFTP, and FTPS
PEAR_Size (1.0.0RC2)Determine and list how much filespace each installed package consumes.
PHPDoc (0.1.0)Tool to generate documentation from the source
PhpDocumentor (1.5.0a1)The phpDocumentor package provides automatic documenting of php api directly from the source.
PHPUnit (1.3.2)Regression testing framework for unit tests.
PHPUnit2 (2.3.6)Regression testing framework for unit tests.
PHP_Archive (0.12.0)Create and Use PHP Archive files
PHP_ArrayOf (0.2.1)Abstract class package to create arrays of specific element types
PHP_Beautifier (0.1.15)Beautifier for Php
PHP_CodeSniffer (3.0.0RC4)PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect and fix violations of a defined set of coding standards.
PHP_Compat (1.6.0a3)Provides components to achieve PHP version independence
PHP_CompatInfo (1.9.0)Find out the minimum version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run
PHP_Debug (1.0.3)PHP_Debug provides assistance in debugging PHP code
PHP_DocBlockGenerator (1.1.2)DocBlock Generator
PHP_Fork (0.3.2)PHP_Fork class. Wrapper around the pcntl_fork() stuff with a API set like Java language
PHP_FunctionCallTracer (1.0.0)Function Call Tracer
PHP_LexerGenerator (0.4.0)translate lexer files in lex2php format into a PHP 5 lexer
PHP_Parser (0.2.2)A PHP Grammar Parser
PHP_ParserGenerator (0.1.7)translate grammar files in Lemon Parser Generator format into a PHP 5 parser
PHP_Parser_DocblockParser (0.1.1)A /** docblock */ parser
PHP_Shell (0.3.2)a interactive PHP Shell
PHP_UML (1.6.2)A reverse-engineering package that scans PHP files and directories, and delivers an UML/XMI representation of the classes and packages found.
QA_Peardoc_Coverage (1.1.1)PEAR documentation coverage analysis.
RDF (0.2.0)Port of the core RAP API
RDF_N3 (0.2.0)Port of the RAP N3 parser/serializer
RDF_NTriple (0.2.0)Port of the RAP NTriple serializer
RDF_RDQL (0.2.0)Port of the RAP RDQL API
Science_Chemistry (1.1.2)Classes to manipulate chemical objects: atoms, molecules, etc.
ScriptReorganizer (0.4.0)Library/Tool focusing exclusively on the file size aspect of PHP script optimization.
Search_Mnogosearch (0.1.1)Wrapper classes for the mnoGoSearch extention
Services_Akismet (1.0.1)PHP client for the Akismet REST API
Services_Akismet2 (0.3.1)PHP client for the Akismet REST API
Services_Amazon (0.9.0)PHP interface to Amazon Product Advertising API
Services_Amazon_S3 (0.4.0)PHP API for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
Services_Amazon_SQS (0.3.0)PHP API and tools for Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)
Services_Apns (0.1.0)Apple Push Notifications Service communication
Services_Atlassian_Crowd (0.9.5)Services_Atlassian_Crowd is a package to use Atlassian Crowd from PHP
Services_Blogging (0.2.4)Access your blog with PHP
Services_Compete (0.1.0)Compete API
Services_Delicious (0.6.0)Client for the web service.
Services_Digg (0.4.7)PHP interface to Digg’s API
Services_Digg2 (0.3.2)Second generation Digg API client
Services_DynDNS (0.3.1)Provides access to the DynDNS web service
Services_Ebay (0.13.1)Interface to eBay’s XML-API.
Services_ExchangeRates (0.8.0)Performs currency conversion
Services_Facebook (0.2.14)PHP interface to Facebook’s API
Services_GeoNames (1.0.1)A PHP5 interface to the GeoNames public API
Services_Google (0.2.0)Provides access to the Google SOAP Web APIs
Services_Hatena (0.1.5)WebServices for Hatena
Services_JSON (1.0.3)PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
Services_Libravatar (0.2.3)API interfacing class for
Services_Mailman (0.1.0)Integrates Mailman into a website using PHP
Services_oEmbed (0.2.1)A package for consuming oEmbed
Services_OpenSearch (0.2.0)Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines.
Services_OpenStreetMap (0.5.0)OpenStreetMap Services
Services_PageRank_[OBSOLETE] ()[OBSOLETE]
Services_Pingback (0.2.2)A Pingback User-Agent class.
Services_ProjectHoneyPot (0.6.0)A package to interface the http:bl API of
Services_ReCaptcha (1.0.3)PHP5 interface to the reCATCHA and the reCATCHA Mailhide API
Services_Scribd (0.2.0)Interface for Scribd’s public API.
Services_SharedBook (0.2.6)PHP wrapper for SharedBook Open API
Services_ShortURL (0.3.1)Abstract PHP5 interface for shortening and expanding short URLs
Services_Technorati (0.7.1beta)A class for interacting with the Technorati API
Services_TinyURL (0.1.2)PHP interface to TinyURL’s API
Services_Trackback (0.7.1)Trackback – A generic class for sending and receiving trackbacks.
Services_TwitPic (0.1.0)PHP Interface to TwitPic’s API
Services_Twitter (0.7.0)PHP interface to Twitter’s API
Services_Twitter_Uploader (0.1.0)OAuth echo uploader utility.
Services_urlTea (0.1.0)PHP interface to urlTea’s API
Services_UseKetchup (0.1.0)An API wrapper to the web service.
Services_W3C_CSSValidator (0.2.3)An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C CSS Validator service.
Services_W3C_HTMLValidator (1.0.0)An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C HTML Validator service.
Services_Weather (1.4.7)This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.
Services_Webservice (0.6.0)Create webservices
Services_Yadis (0.5.2)Implementation of the Yadis Specification 1.0 protocol for PHP5.
Services_Yahoo (0.2.0)Provides access to the Yahoo! Web Services
Services_Yahoo_JP (0.1.1)WebServices for Yahoo!JAPAN
Services_YouTube (0.2.2)PHP Client for YouTube API
SOAP (0.13.0)**Use PHP’s in-built SOAP client!** SOAP Client/Server for PHP
SOAP_Interop (0.8.2)SOAP Interop Test Application
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer (0.9.3)Package for generating Excel spreadsheets
SQL_Parser (0.7.0)An SQL parser
Stream_SHM (1.0.0)Shared Memory Stream
Stream_Var (1.2.0)Allows stream based access to any variable.
Structures_BibTex (1.0.0RC6)Handling of BibTex Data.
Structures_DataGrid (0.9.3)Render a data table with automatic pagination and sorting
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array (0.2.0dev1)DataSource driver using arrays
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_CSV (0.1.6)DataSource driver using CSV files
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DB (0.1.1)DataSource driver using PEAR::DB result objects
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBQuery (0.1.11)DataSource driver using PEAR::DB and an SQL query
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBTable (0.1.7)DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_Table
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Excel (0.1.2)DataSource driver using Excel spreadsheets
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_MDB2 (0.1.11)DataSource driver using PEAR::MDB2 and an SQL query
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_PDO (0.2.0)DataSource driver using PHP Data Objects (PDO) and an SQL query
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_RSS (0.1.1)DataSource driver using RSS files
Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_XML (0.2.1dev1)DataSource driver using XML files
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Console (0.1.1)Renderer driver using PEAR::Console_Table
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_CSV (0.1.5dev1)Renderer driver that generates a CSV string
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Flexy (0.1.4)Renderer driver using Flexy
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLSortForm (0.1.3)Sorting form renderer for Structures_DataGrid
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLTable (0.1.6)Renderer driver using PEAR::HTML_Table
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Pager (0.1.3)Renderer driver using PEAR::Pager
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Smarty (0.1.5)Renderer driver using Smarty
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XLS (0.1.3)Renderer driver using PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML (0.1.4dev1)Renderer driver that generates a XML string
Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XUL (0.1.3)Renderer driver that generates the XML string for a XUL listbox
Structures_Form (0.8.0devel)A package designed to make creating input forms easy for packages and applications regardless of their user interface.
Structures_Form_Gtk2 (0.8.0devel)A collection of elements, groups and renderers for creating PHP-GTK 2 forms using Structures_Form.
Structures_Graph (1.1.1)Graph datastructure manipulation library
Structures_LinkedList (0.2.2)Implements singly and doubly-linked lists
System_Command (1.0.8)PEAR::System_Command is a commandline execution interface.
System_Daemon (1.0.0)Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons
System_Folders (1.0.5)Location of system folders
System_Launcher (0.6.2)Launch files with associated applications
System_Mount (1.0.1)Mount and unmount devices in fstab
System_ProcWatch (0.4.3)Monitor Processes
System_SharedMemory (0.9.0RC1)common OO-style shared memory API
System_Socket (0.4.1)OO socket API
System_WinDrives (1.0.0)List files drives on windows systems
test ()test
Testing_DocTest (0.6.0)A Unit Test framework for writing tests in your php code docstrings.
Testing_FIT (0.2.2)FIT: Framework for Integrated Test
Testing_Selenium (0.4.4)PHP Client for Selenium RC
Text_CAPTCHA (1.0.2)Generation of CAPTCHAs
Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral (1.3.2)Generation of numeral maths captchas
Text_Diff (1.2.2)Engine for performing and rendering text diffs
Text_Figlet (1.0.2)Render text using FIGlet fonts
Text_Highlighter (0.8.0)Syntax highlighting
Text_Huffman (0.2.0)Huffman compression
Text_LanguageDetect (1.0.0)Language detection class
Text_Password (1.2.1)Creating passwords with PHP.
Text_PathNavigator (0.2.0)Facilitates navigation of path strings
Text_Spell_Audio (0.1.0)Generates a sound clip saying the contents of a string of characters.
Text_Statistics (1.0.1)Compute readability indexes for documents.
Text_TeXHyphen (0.1.0)Automated word hyphenation with the TeX algorithm.
Text_Wiki (1.2.1)Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup. This is the base engine for all of the Text_Wiki sub-classes.
Text_Wiki2 ()A PHP5 port of Text_Wiki.
Text_Wiki_BBCode (0.0.4)BBCode parser for Text_Wiki
Text_Wiki_Cowiki (0.0.2)Cowiki parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
Text_Wiki_Creole (1.0.2)Creole parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
Text_Wiki_Doku (0.0.1)Doku parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
Text_Wiki_Mediawiki (0.2.0)Mediawiki parser for Text_Wiki
Text_Wiki_Tiki (0.1.0)Tiki parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
Translation (1.2.6pl1)Class for creating multilingual websites.
Translation2 (2.0.4)Class for multilingual applications management.
Tree (0.3.7)Generic tree management, currently supports databases (via DB, MDB and MDB2) and XML as data sources
UDDI (0.2.4)UDDI for PHP
URI_Template (0.3.3)Parser for URI Templates.
Validate (0.8.5)Validation class
Validate_AR (0.1.2)Validation class for Argentina
Validate_AT (0.5.2)Validation class for AT
Validate_AU (0.1.4)Data validation class for Australia.
Validate_BE (0.1.4)Validation class for Belgium
Validate_CA (0.2.0)Validation class for Canada
Validate_CH (0.6.0)Validation class for CH
Validate_DE (0.5.2)Validation class for DE
Validate_DK (0.2.0)Validation class for Denmark
Validate_ES (0.6.2)Validation class for ES
Validate_FI (1.0.0)Validation class for Finland
Validate_Finance (0.5.6)Validation class for Finance
Validate_Finance_CreditCard (0.6.0)Validation class for Credit Cards
Validate_FR (0.6.0)Validation class for FR
Validate_HU (0.1.1)Validation class for Hungary
Validate_IE (1.1.0a3)Validation class for Ireland
Validate_IN (0.1.1)Validation class for the Republic of India
Validate_IR (0.1.0)Data validation class for Iran.
Validate_IS (0.3.1)Validation class for Iceland
Validate_ISPN (0.6.1)Validation class for ISPN (International Standard Product Numbers)
Validate_IT (0.2.0)Validation class for Italy
Validate_LI (0.1.0)Validation class for Liechtenstein
Validate_LU (0.1.0)Validation class for Luxembourg
Validate_LV (1.0.0RC2)Validation class for Latvia
Validate_NL (0.5.2)Validation class for NL
Validate_NO (0.1.0)Validation class for Norway
Validate_NZ (0.1.6)Validation class for NZ
Validate_PL (0.5.2)Validation class for PL
Validate_ptBR (0.5.5)Validation class for Brazilian Portuguese
Validate_RU ()local russian Validate methods
Validate_SE (0.1.1)Validation class for Sweden
Validate_UK (0.5.4)Validation class for UK
Validate_US (0.5.5)Validation class for US
Validate_ZA (0.2.2)Validation class for ZA
Var_Dump (1.0.4)Provides methods for dumping structured information about a variable.
VersionControl_Git (0.4.4)Provides OO interface to handle Git repository
VersionControl_SVN (0.5.2)Simple OO wrapper interface for the Subversion command-line client.
VFS (0.3.0)Virtual File System API
XML_Beautifier (1.2.2)Class to format XML documents.
XML_CSSML (1.1.1)The PEAR::XML_CSSML package provides methods for creating cascading style sheets (CSS) from an XML standard called CSSML.
XML_DTD (0.5.2)Parsing of DTD files and DTD validation of XML files
XML_FastCreate (1.0.4)Fast creation of valid XML with DTD control.
XML_Feed_Parser (1.0.5)Providing a unified API for handling Atom/RSS
XML_fo2pdf (0.98)Converts a xsl-fo file to pdf/ps/pcl/text/etc with the help of apache-fop
XML_FOAF (0.4.0)Provides the ability to manipulate FOAF RDF/XML
XML_GRDDL (0.2.0)A PHP library for dealing with GRDDL.
XML_HTMLSax (2.1.2)A SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
XML_HTMLSax3 (3.0.0)A SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
XML_image2svg (0.1.1)Image to SVG conversion
XML_Indexing (0.3.6)XML Indexing support
XML_MXML (0.3.0)Framework to build Macromedia Flex applications.
XML_NITF (1.1.1)Parse NITF documents.
XML_Parser (1.3.7)XML parsing class based on PHP’s bundled expat
XML_Parser2 (0.1.0)PHP5+ version of XML_Parser – an XML parsing class based on PHP’s bundled expat
XML_Query2XML (1.7.2)Creates XML data from SQL queries
XML_RDDL (0.9)Class to read RDDL (Resource Directory Description Language) documents.
XML_RPC (1.5.5)PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
XML_RPC2 (1.1.3)XML-RPC client/server library
XML_RSS (1.1.0)RSS parser
XML_SaxFilters (0.3.0)A framework for building XML filters using the SAX API
XML_Serializer (0.21.0)Swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files. Creates XML files from data structures and vice versa.
XML_sql2xml (0.3.4)Returns XML from a SQL-Query.
XML_Statistics (0.2.0)Class to obtain statistical information from an XML documents.
XML_svg2image (0.2.0)Converts a svg file to a png/jpeg image.
XML_Transformer (1.1.2)XML Transformations in PHP
XML_Tree (2.0.0RC3)*** PHP5 now comes with very good XML handling, consider using it if possible. Otherwise, use XML_Serializer *** Represent XML data in a tree structure
XML_Util (1.4.2)XML utility class
XML_Util2 (0.2.0)XML utility class
XML_Wddx (1.0.2)Wddx pretty serializer and deserializer
XML_XPath (1.2.4)The PEAR::XML_XPath class provided an XPath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering and query interface.
XML_XPath2 ()The PEAR::XML_XPath2 package provided an XPath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering and query interface.
XML_XRD (0.3.1)PHP library to parse and generate “Extensible Resource Descriptor” (XRD + JRD) files
XML_XSLT_Wrapper (0.2.2)Provides a single interface to the different XSLT interface or commands
XML_XUL (0.9.1)Class to build Mozilla XUL applications.

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