How to install WordPress on CWP (without Softaculous)

This KB article is for CentOS Web Panel for shared hosting (end-users).

CWP has a feature that allows you to easily install WordPress. You don’t need Softaculous for this. CWP will take care of everything.

cwp wordpress install

To install WordPress from CWP:

  1. Log in to your CWP user account
  2. On the dashboard look for the WordPress icon (Addons section) and click on it
  3. Configure the options:
    – choose the protocol you want to use (https if you want to use SSL), also if you want to access your site with www or not.
    – choose the domain(you can have multiple domains on the same CWP account) on which you want to install WordPress
    – enter the desired directory – leave the field empty if you don’t want to install WP in a directory.
    – enter the database name – CWP will automatically fill this field – you can let is as it is
    – enter database username (this IS NOT the WordPress admin username)
    – database password – enter a strong password.
  4. Click the Install button. Wait for a few seconds and access the site on which you wanted to install WordPress. Now you just have to enter some WP settings (like language, admin username, password and email etc.)
  5. Your WordPress installation is live now 🙂

The video tutorial for this KB article:

WordPress on CWP

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