International Women’s Day 2017 Google doodle

Today is the International Women’s Day. For this year Google presents 13 of the past doodles honoring great women in the history.
“This International Women’s Day, we’ve chosen to look to the past to celebrate some of the female pioneers who paved the way to where we are today.” says the Google Doodle post.

You can see below the carousel that appears when you search for “International Women’s Day” on website, as of March 8, 2017.

Here are the thirteen images shared by Google (we linked each woman name with her corresponding Wikipedia page):

Ida Wells

Lotfia El Nadi

Frida Kahlo

Lina Bo Bardi

Olga Skorokhodova

Miriam Makeba

Sally Ride

Halet Çambel

Ada Lovelace

Rukmini Devi

Cecilia Grierson

Lee Tai-young

Suzanne Lenglen

You can read more details at the International Women’s Day 2017.

We wish you a Happy Women’s Day!