Migration to cPanel

cPanel is considered one of the best web hosting control panels. If you are using other control panels (like Odin Plesk, DirectAdmin, VestaCP etc.) you may consider switching to cPanel.

cPanel offers a free migration service. One limitation is that only a few source control panels are supported. These are Odin Plesk(Parallels), DirectAdmin, and Ensim.

For more details, visit the cPanel Migration Services and Guides

If you are a site owner, our suggestion is to contact your new host and ask for advice on moving to cPanel. Many hosts offer free migration to cPanel.

To switch by yourself your site to cPanel there are mainly some steps:

  1. Copy the site’s files from the old server to the new server. You can use a program like FileZilla. Check our KB article Use FileZilla to connect via FTP to your web hosting account 
  2. Copy the MySQL/MariaDB database(s). Here you need to export the database(using a control panel utility or phpMyAdmin) and import it in cPanel. cPanel offers phpMyAdmin out-of-the-box.
  3. Setup any email accounts, email forwarders, email filters, email autoresponders etc.

For server administrators/web hosts, cPanel provides a guide on How to Manually Migrate Accounts to cPanel from Unsupported Control Panels 

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