Partial DNS resolver failure – how to fix

You came here probably because you are receiving email messages from cPanel with a subject: “[yourhostcom] ⚠ Partial DNS resolver failure”.  Such emails look like:

partial dns resolver failure
Partial DNS resolver issue email

This indicates an issue with the DNS resolvers from the file /etc/resolv.conf. So we need to remove it.

We recommend the use of the Google DNS servers – and More info at You should also talk with your web host.

To edit the file etc/resolv.conf you need to login to your server as “root”. The file contains now:


After removing the first line and adding the second Google server, it will be:


It’s very probable that you will receive such messages again after the server restart. These messages are due to the fact you are on a virtual environment and you are using a DNS system (like PowerDNS) which does not provide a caching nameserver.

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