Password protect a directory via DirectAdmin interface

Do you want to allow access only to specific users to a directory on your account? DirectAdmin has a tool that allows you to password protect directories. You can for example password protect your WordPress wp-admin directory etc.

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin shared hosting users.

To password protect a directory in DirectAdmin:

1. Log to your DirectAdmin panel

2. Navigate to Advanced Features >> Password Protected Directories

3. Click the Find a Directory to Password Protect button. The file manager window will open.

4. Locate the folder you want to block access to, click the 3 vertical dots icon and then the Protect link

5. Enter a name for this protection (like my private directory), a username and a password. and click the PROTECT button. You will see a confirmation message: Directory Protection Settings have been saved. 

directadmin protecteddirectories
DirectAdmin Protected Directories

The video tutorial for this post:

Directory protection in DirectAdmin

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