How to remove IP address from mail blacklists

We will discuss in this post how to submit IPs reconsideration requests to most used email services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Microsft(MSN, Outlook). Usually, you will find out that your IP is blocked by an email provider when your users are not able to send emails to that provider.

Many persons recommend searching on MXToolBox to see if your IP is blocked or no. The result is not fully relevant, as major email service providers are not in the MXToolBox list.

There is no guarantee if and when your IP(s) will be removed from blacklists.

1. Yahoo.

The main URL to start with is . You will find many information on Yahoo SMTP error codes and their reasons, Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop program etc.

ip review yahoo

To submit your IP for review: Notice that you must have a account.

2. AOL.

Postmaster help page is located at

To submit an IP review visit

ip review aol

3. Microsoft (MSN/Outlook/Live/Hotmail).

Postmaster troubleshooting is available at

You can report a delivery issue at

ip review microsoft

We also recommend you to register to Smart Network Data Services (you need to have a Microsoft account). This is very useful to monitor SPAM complaints. When an MSN/Live/Outlook/Hotmail user marks a message sent from one of your IPs as SPAM, you will receive a copy of the message.

Also, you will see stats for your IPs:

ip review snds


Google uses a simple form to report “a delivery between your domain and Google”:

ip review google

You should investigate the cause that leads to your IP being on a blacklist. Check email server logs to see who is sending SPAM emails.

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