How to reset the DokuWiki admin password?

Method #1 – Password Reset Link

If this functionality is not disabled in the DokuWiki settings, you can request a password reset from the login page.

1. Access the Log In area and click the Set new password link

dokuwiki password1

2. Enter your username and click the Set new password button

dokuwiki password2

If the username exists, a confirmation message will be displayed: A confirmation link has been sent by email.

3. You will receive an email. To confirm the request, click the link in it.

dokuwiki password3

A confirmation message will be displayed again: Your new password has been sent by email.

4. You will receive a message with the new password. Use it to log in:

dokuwiki password4

Method #2 – Editing users.auth.php

1. Edit /conf/users.auth.php file (with an FTP client or with a Web File Manager)

2. Add a new line to the file


This line will add the user deleteme with the password admin

3. Login with the new credentials.

4. Change the password for the old user.

5. Remove the deleteme user.

dokuwiki password5

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