How to restore cPanel accounts in WHM

In this article, we will discuss how to restore a full backup/cpmove file in WHM(Web Host Manager).  Full cPanel backups can be generated by the backup system at scheduled intervals, by running a shell command or by the end-user in cPanel.

WHM Restore Full Backups
WHM Restore Full Backups

To restore a full cPanel backup or cpmove file follow the steps:

  1. Log into your WHM account (
  2. Navigate to Backup -> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove FIle.
  3. Select the Options you want to use on restoration:
    Restricted Restore – for security, let this option checked


    Restricted Restore performs additional security checks on the backup file. If a component of the backup file has a security issue, the system will not restore that portion of the backup.

    Transfer Method: a. Restore with Username – if you have the backup file on the server. b. Restore with File – if you want to upload the archive from your computer
    Overwrite the existing user. – if you want to overwrite the exiting account
    Assign a Dedicated IP Address – if you want to assign an IP for the account (you must have free IPs on the server)

  4. Click the Restore button.  You will see the restoration process and any warnings/errors at the end. You can also use the Pause Queue and Abort buttons, if you want to pause or abort the process.

The cPanel backups/cpmove files must be in one of the directories:

/home, /home2, /home3, /root, /usr, /usr/home, /web

and must have one of the following file names:


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And the YouTube video tutorial:

Restore accounts in WHM

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