How to run a Virus Scan from cPanel

We will show in this Knowledge Base post how to run a virus scan in cPanel. The cPanel Virus Scan tool can scan for viruses and malware your home directory, the web space, the FTP space or your emails.

The cPanel Virus Scan Tool uses the ClamAV antivirus.

To run a cPanel Virus Scan:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account
  2. Look for ADVANCED section, click the Virus Scan link
  3. Select what do you want to scan. You have four choices here:
    -> Scan Mail
    -> Scan Entire Home Directory
    -> Scan Public Web Space
    -> Scan Public FTP Space
  4. Click the Scan Now button.
  5. The scan will run and you will see the process.
  6. 1. If there are no viruses found, you will see a message: Virus Scan Complete.  No Virus Found.
    2. If viruses were found, you will need to select an action for the infected files: Quarantine, Destroy(delete) or Ignore them. Click the Process Cleanup button to apply the selected actions.
cPanel Virus Scanner
cPanel Virus Scanner

It exists a virus test file – it’s called the EICAR test file. You can put this file on your web space to test the antivirus. Just create a file, like virustest.txt for example, with the content:

You can also use this file to test the antivirus software (Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast etc) on your computer (with WIndows, Mac or Linux). 🙂

EICAR stands for European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research.

You can read more/download the EICAR test file on

As usual, the how-to video:

cPanel virus scan

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