How to setup CWP module for WHMCS

We will show you here how to configure the CWP module for WHMCS. This module is offered for free by CWP.

Notice that WHMCS is not free and you should purchase a license from or from a partner. Licenses from start at $15.95/month.  

Steps on how to install the module:

  1. Download the CWP WHMCS module.
    Login to your CWP installation and go to Billing->WHMCS from the left menu.
    cwp whmcs module 1Follow the link, download the zip archive and extract it. There is only one file in the archive – /cwp7/cwp7.php
  2. Upload the file cwp7.php to WHMCS_directory/modules/servers/cwp7/cwp7.php
  3. Generate an API key to allow WHMCS to connect to your CWP server.
    For this go to CWP->CWP Settings-> API Manager
    cwp whmcs module 2
    Enter a name for the key, the IP of the server where you have WHMCS installed, click the Generate button and select the API permissions as:
    – for accounts: add, upd, dell, susp, unsp
    – for packages: add, upd, del, list
  4. Click the Create button to add the key to the system.
    Take notice of the CWP message: For the correct operation of this tool you must open port 2304 in the firewall
  5. Now go to WHMCS->Setup->Products/Services->+Add New Server.  Enter:
    – Name, Hostname, IP address
    – Primary and Secondary Nameserver with their IPs
    – at Server Details: select server type as Cwp7, enter root username and password and paste the access key.
    cwp whmcs module 3
  6. Click the Save Changes button. You will now be able to create/delete new user accounts in WHMCS.

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  1. Otto

    That is the worst instruction I have seen in a long time, the video is on a windows machine, and where to do this WHMCS->Setup->Products/Services->+Add New Server?

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