How to setup an Email Autoresponder in cPanel

Autoresponders allow you to configure and send automated reply messages. For example, you can set up an autoresponder when you are on a holiday or for the weekend period.

To setup an autoresponder in cPanel, do:

  1. Log into cPanel at
  2. Go to EMAIL section, then choose Autoresponders
  3. Click the Add Autoresponder button
  4. Enter:
    -The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address.
    -Email: – the email for which you will set the autoresponder
    -From: – your name
    -Subject: – email subject
    -Body: – body message; like: I’m out of office. I will contact you on Monday.
    -Start: – when the autoresponder will become active
    -Stop: – when the autoresponder will become inactive
  5. Click the Create/Modify button. A confirmation message will be displayed:
    The autoresponder “” was successfully created.
cpanel autoresponders
cPanel Autoresponders

How to create an email autoresponder in cPanel:

Email autoresponders in cPanel

cPanel Autoresponders

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