Add a site redirect in DirectAdmin

A site redirection will redirect URLs from one folder to another folder/domain. For example, redirect to

This KB article is intended for DirectAdmin shared hosting users.

How to create a redirect in DirectAdmin:

1. You should be logged in DirectAdmin

2. Navigate to Account Manager >> Site Redirection

3. Click the CREATE NEW REDIRECT button. Enter:
Local URL Path – this is the path that will be redirected. It can be a file or directory.
Redirect Type – you have three options here: 301 Permanent, 302 Temporary and 303 Replaced.
Destination URL – the new/destination URL.

directadmin siteredirect
DirectAdmin Site Redirection

Test the new redirect in your web browser to check if it works as intended.

This DirectAdmin tool will make changes to the .htaccess file from your public_html/ directory. If you want to manually configure the redirect, you can edit this file via DirectAdmin File Manager.

Video tutorial for this article:

Site redirection in DirectAdmin

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