How to update cPanel Contact Information & Preferences

Updating your cPanel contact information is very easy.

Steps to update contact details:

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. On the right top click on your username and from the menu select Contact Information
  3. On the dedicated page you will be able to edit the main email address/add a second email address or add a Pushbullet access token. Here you can also change many Contact Preferences settings.

Under Contact Preferences, you choose to get email notifications when:

My contact email address changes. My preference for contact email address change notifications is disabled. My account approaches its disk quota. My account approaches its bandwidth usage limit. Any of my account’s email accounts approaches or is over quota. My account’s password changes. My preference for account password change notifications is disabled. An external account links to my account for authentication. My preference for external account link notifications is disabled.

You should not use an email address that exists on the server.

cpanel contact
cPanel Contact Information

Check the video tutorial:

How to update cPanel contact info

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