How to update DokuWiki from the command line

When dealing with a lot of DokuWiki clients/sites, it’s easier to update the installations via the command line. DokuWiki doesn’t use MySQL databases, so the update consists only in downloading the new version and extracting the files. make a backup before starting the update.

To update DokuWiki from the command line:

1. Log into your server via SSH

2. Download the latest DokuWiki installation. The URL is If you want to customize the install go to and generate the download link. The link will look like

3. Download the archive


4. Extract the files. The files will be extracted to the /dokuwiki-xxxx-xx-xx/ directory

tar zxvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz

5. Copy the extracted files to the DokuWiki path (xxxx-xx-xx is the date of the latest stable release):

cp -R dokuwiki-xxxx-xx-xx/* /PATH_TO_DOKUWIKI/

Example (if the command will ask to overwrite a file, the answer will be automatic ‘yes’):

yes | cp -R dokuwiki-2020-07-29/* /home/plothost/domains/

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