Upgrade CWP Free to the Pro Version

By default, CWP installs the Free version. This has some limitations – mainly, you can’t use some of the features:
– PHP Selector
cwp pro - php selector

– Monitor the server via Monit
cwp pro - monit

– Latest OWASP/Comodo ModSecurity rules 
cwp pro - mod security

– Yum Manager
cwp pro - yum manager


You  will see a message on the dashboard:

Keep CWP alive! You can always and freely donate for the CWP Development, don’t forget that every donation you make will go only for this project. Each donation, including the smallest ones like e.g. $1.00 can mean much for this project and new development. Click here to donate. Remove this message permanently by using CWPpro.

cwp pro - message

To buy the Pro version, follow the link from the message – the direct link is http://centos-webpanel.com/cwppro . Here you can buy it via an online payment or via SMS. For online payment, the price is $1/month, 3$/3 months, $6/6 months or 10$/ 12months.

The new version will be activated in max 24 hours: Within 24hours your server will be automatically switched to CWPpro.

You will receive an email message:

Your order for CWPpro has now been activated. Please keep this message for your records.
After receiving the payment your CWP should be updated to CWPpro within next 24 hours.

You can also run it manually and then log in to cwp and check if the cwp is switched to cwppro.

Shell command for cwp update, needs to be run as root sh /scripts/update_cwp

You are using now the CWPpro version 🙂

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