How to use Index Manager in cPanel

In this tutorial you will see how to work with the cPanel Index Manager.

  1. Log in to your cPanel account
  2. Go to ADVANCED Section. From there select Indexes
  3. Navigate to and select the directory you want to work with
  4. Select the indexing you want for the directory from:
    -Default System Setting ->In this case, cPanel will use the default settings defined by your host.
    -No Indexing ->The visitors will not see the contents of the folder. They will see a 403 forbidden error.
    -Standard Indexing (filename only) ->The visitors will see only the directory’s contents as filenames only.
    -Fancy Indexing (filename and description)->The visitors will see file names and additional information, like file size and time last modified.
  5. Click the Save button.
cPanel Index Manager
cPanel Index Manager

And here is the video tutorial:

cPanel Index Manager

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