Which version a Moodle site is using?

Moodle is a very used PHP script for learning and testing students. It’s considered to be a Learning Management System (LMS). We will present two ways of finding the version of a Moodle website.

A. From the admin area

1. Connect to your Moodle admin area

2. Navigate to Site administration >> Notifications

3. Scroll down and you will see the current version as:

moodle version
Moodle version

B. From the /version.php file

1. With your FTP software connect to your hosting account. Or log into your cPanel/Direct Admin account.

2. Navigate to your Moodle’s installation and Edit/View the version.php file. At the bottom of the file should be the version information. In our test case it is:

$version  = 2020110900.00;              // 20201109      = branching date YYYYMMDD - do not modify!
                                        //         RR    = release increments - 00 in DEV branches.
                                        //           .XX = incremental changes.
$release  = '3.10 (Build: 20201109)';// Human-friendly version name
$branch   = '310';                      // This version's branch.
$maturity = MATURITY_STABLE;             // This version's maturity level.

If you have SSH access or you are a server admin and want to check a client’ site use:

# cat /path_to_moodle_site/version.php

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Moodle Version help

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