WHM/cPanel ConfigServer plugins

ConfigServer WHM/cPanel plugins are developed by a UK company – Way to the Web Limited. They have free and paid plugins.

1. ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) – free


csf is a very powerful firewall. It has many options: you can check the server security, you can search log files, edit/add/remove IPs etc.

2. ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (cmc) – free


cmc is a very useful plugin if you are using mod_security. It allows you to remove rules for specific accounts, to turn on/off mod_security for the server etc.

3. ConfigServer Explorer (cse) – free


Many times web hosting admins prefer to use the shell for file operations, but for beginners, this is a great tool. You can create/rename/delete/move both files and directories. You can also search the server for specific files.

4. ConfigServer Mail Queues (cmq) – free


cmq is a tool to view the mail server queue. 

5. ConfigServer Mail Manage (cmm) – free


With cmm you can manage user email accounts, create new accounts, set the hourly limit, manage forwarders etc.

6. ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cXs) – $60/server

cXs is a tool that will scan your server files. It will scan files uploaded by users. A similar free product is maldet

7. Outgoing Spam Monitor (osm) – $40/server

A tool that will monitor email activities on the server. See more details on the product’s page.

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