Working with services in Vesta

Vesta has an interface that allows you to easily access server services like httpd, nginx, exim etc.

To access the interface for server services in Vesta:

1. Access Vesta control panel

2. From top menu choose Server

vesta services1

3. You will see the list of server services controlled by Vesta.

vesta services2

4. On each service-row you have three buttons:

CONFIGURE – you can edit the settings for that service
STOP/START – to stop or start the service
RESTART – to restart the service.

Notice that you can also control server services via bash. For example, to restart httpd service in CentOS:

[root@webcp ~]# service httpd restart
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart  httpd.service
[root@webcp ~]# 

The movie tutorial for this post:

Services in Vista

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