Most used wp-cli commands

Probably the most used wp-cli commands are the core, plugin, theme. We will discuss a little each one of them. Before running any wp-cli commands be sure to switch to the right directory:

# cd /home/wp_directory

1. wp core – it installs, updates and manages a WordPress installation.
– to download the installation package

# wp core download --locale=en_US

– to create the wp-config.php file needed for the installation process

# wp config create --dbname=database_name --dbuser=wp_username --dbpass=wp_password

– to install WordPress

wp core install --title=Example --admin_user=supervisor --admin_password=strongpassword

– to check if an update is available:

wp core check-update

-to update to the latest version:

wp core update

2. wp plugin – manages plugins
– to activate a plugin

wp plugin activate plugin-name

– to deactivate a plugin

wp plugin deactivate plugin-name

– to delete a plugin

wp plugin delete plugin-name

– to install and activate a plugin

wp plugin install plugin-name --activate

– to list all plugins

wp plugin list

– to update all plugins

wp plugin update --all

3. wp theme – manages themes
– to install the latest version of a theme and activate it

wp theme install twentynineteen --activate

– to activate a theme already installed

wp theme activate twentynineteen

– to get a list of the installed themes

wp theme list

– to update all the themes installed

wp theme update --all

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