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Managing Clients Made Easy With X2CRM

X2CRM is a software platform that has an easy to use process management framework and workflow engine for boosting productivity in relation to sales, marketing, and customer service!

The sales team can manage all their contact relationships, track deals, manage the accounts, and generate reports and charts using X2CRM. The marketing department employs this client management software to create target-specific campaigns, have set email templates for stock situations and track when the emails are opened, have X2 Flow automation, and manage customer interaction with the company website. Customer feedback is managed using web forms that can be updated or escalated as the need be. Most importantly, the X2CRM platform can integrate itself into third-party apps, secure your data and allows you to restrict access to information, and customize the software with your own layouts, fields, and modules!

How does X2CRM benefit you
The client managing platform intuitively manages account records and contacts without having to learn an entirely new paradigm. This smart app generates reports, monitor website visitors, and sends out marketing campaigns without being prompted. To enable productivity and communication among team members, X2CRM lets you connect with them on a social platform!

This software provides you with the flexibility of adapting your workflow to the language of your choice. You can modify records, brand the software, all as per your requirement. Over 23,000 users across 160 countries endorse this client management software because it is a powerful app that can be personalized to suit the need of the organization.

X2CRM website: https://x2crm.com/

X2CRM community: http://community.x2crm.com/

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